This one statement by Oda got me completely invested in reading One Piece to the end. What moment got you invested?

This one statement by Oda got me completely invested in reading One Piece to the end. What moment got you invested?

This one statement by Oda got me completely invested in reading One Piece to the end. What moment got you invested?

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  1. I’m more the anime watcher and I swear to God, when this info comes out in an episode I’ll sit there with goosebumps like spikes.

  2. While I did enjoy most of the things prior to it, the Going Merry’s death was the point where I realized how invested I was in the series. A ship making me shed tears, only in One Piece

  3. I watched the anime but it was a weird moment. The first time I got kinda interested was when Shanks gave luffy his strawhat, but the moment that was a “I want to watch until the end” for me was that moment in one of the first arcs when they burned the petstore of that dog that was guarding it. I remember that luffy gave him a box of food and said to the dog something like ” you really did your best” and that moment like stayed with me. I really started to like Luffy a lot after that moment, he seemed like a really nice guy.

  4. The scene where Shanks told the mountain Bandits that guns aren’t for threatening and Lucky Roo shot that MF.

    Shanks was a ding dong before and then all the sudden you realized he was gangster as hell.

  5. Definitely when the sea train left for Enies Lobby, I had to see how they were gonna get Robin back!!

  6. Luffy coming out of barrel. I knew this mad bastard is going to be the best MC. I wasn’t wrong at all.

  7. Probably crying buckets of water while reading Drum Island.
    It only irritates me that Chopper is such a joke and he came from one of my favorite arcs.

  8. OP is a Master piece. Should be considered as literature. A classic of our time and in the future, ppl will study it.


    Someone should transform the story in a book and publish.

  9. For me, it was Dr. Clover being shot.

    That was the moment that I realized that Oda had a *lot* more in mind for this story than he’d let us in on. That it wasn’t just fun pirate adventure for treasure and glory. Suddenly, the world felt much more connected and involved, and the stakes *skyrocketed*.

    Also, Robin’s story was probably the most emotional I’d gotten reading manga at that point. It bordered in misery porn, but never got too indulgent. Oda knew to let her have some small personal joys and safe spaces, not just so that her life wasn’t unrealistically bleak, but also so that she had something to lose. If Ohara had been nothing but asshole family members and bullies, we wouldn’t have missed it. But because the archaeologists and Saul were there, watching them die to the fires and ice of that night was painful.

    I could go on, but let’s stop there. The O’Hara Buster Call flashback was what changed the series from “entertaining distraction” to “lifelong obsession” for me.

  10. The 15th new one piece film Red has been announced. And for whatever reason it has to be the “D” that holds Shanks’s scar from Marshall D Teach.

  11. The walk to arlong park in the anime is what locked in the series for me, and right after that was Usopps speech about luffy in alabasta

  12. To be entirely honest, after 3 years of my friend begging me to start watching the thing that made me watch it was the “who the hell is steve jobs, ligma balls” meme edited into the zoro sabaody scene, to which i then spoiled that for myself and said “this massive bear is pretty interesting, hey why is this child glowing red”

  13. Let me think, this is hard, its was so long ago…

    I started One Piece to have an opinion about that new manga. I was perhaps 4-5 month late than everyone else, so there was an interest and a smol hype. I dont buy into hypes and if I want to discuss properly I have to partake of the medium whether I like it or not.

    Anyhow, the moment I got personally hooked and told myself “yeah Imma gonna follow this to the end” was believe it or not, the first encounter of Zoro and Mihawk. Something clicked and I wanted to see this manga/anime to the end . Zoro was nto even my favourite character back then. I never stopped, never faltered and Oda kept adding stuff into the Lore that kept me wanting to see it through. So there it is.

  14. I was invested when I was in Alabasta Arc. The Poneglyphs and its mysteries concerning the Void History made me curious.

  15. Blackbeard speech about dreams was a huge event in the series and the fact that both Zoro and Luffy recognize “them” as something weird, made me realize that the series was way bigger than expected

  16. I would love if Oden really only wrote what was said outloud about Laugh tale and then the rest of the journal is him like “lol fucked with gaban in his sleep today because axes are whack”

  17. The entirety of alabasta if I had to pinpoint something it would be when sanji tricks crocodile and frees luffy.

  18. For me it was the walk into the franky house. That moment was just so fucking awesome and it really made me appreciate how far all the straw hats were willing to go