You can only pick two to join the Straw Hat crew (and Oda makes it make sense)

You can only pick two to join the Straw Hat crew (and Oda makes it make sense)

You can only pick two to join the Straw Hat crew (and Oda makes it make sense)

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  1. Yamato and Bon Clay. Perona would be third.

    I’d be half tempted to pick Tomo and Smoker just to see the fandom erupt.

  2. Perona is really underestimated here

    She has a very interesting devil fruit that can easily be devellopped, she would flt well un the crew and she could be really cold with her ghosts

  3. Yamato and Carrot.


    X Drake – No. I think what makes him interesting is his unpredictability. I think joining the SH’s takes away from that. He’s clearly a Navy man anyways.

    Perona and Bon Clay – No. I think they are characters who are good in small doses but get a little too annoying if they feature too much.

    Yamato – Yes. Very cool character. Would be a good addition.

    Pudding – No. I think having Pudding on board limits Sanji a bit. Also brings too much overt romance to the crew.

    Kinemon – No. Good character but for me he’s more of a friend of the crew than a cremated.

    Tama – No. I don’t think there’s much value bringing a kid along this late into the series.

    Sabo – No. He’s Luffy’s older brother, not his underling.

    Carrot – Yes. I love Carrot. She gets along easily with the crew and fits in easily. She has some useful abilities that don’t overlap too much with others.

    Aokiji – No. I think a former Admiral is a bit too much to add to the crew.

    Smoker – No. Smoker hates Pirates.

    Mihawk – No. Way too much overlap with Zoro. He’s Zoro’s goal, it makes no sense.

  4. Yamato and Carrot; it was an easy choice for me, since both of them seem like they’d be fun additions who would mesh with the crew pretty naturally.

    Bon Clay’s a runner-up.

    (Also, I have no idea why Mihawk and Aokiji are on there)

  5. Man. Didn’t realize I wanted Pudding in the crew. Pudding and Yamato. My boy Sanji deserves to be a simp for someone who’ll simp back

  6. Always wanted the crew to have a Logia user, so Smoker would be great (Aokiji would be too much firepower lol).

    And then Tama, because Luffy having an apprentice like Roger had Shanks would be neat too.

  7. Lemme have sabo and kuzan i want that fire ice combo. Plus you’d get a good throwback to when he (kuzan) fought the strawhats. I only say sabo bc Dragon has trained him and he has aces DF. Just be a cool dynamic. It would definitely shake up the power dynamics in the crew!! Would be dope!