Who do you guys think the fleet admiral of the Navy will be at the series’ conclusion?

Who do you guys think the fleet admiral of the Navy will be at the series’ conclusion?

Who do you guys think the fleet admiral of the Navy will be at the series’ conclusion?

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  1. I would like it to be Smoker. I don’t see Kuzan rejoining and Koby’s dream is to only be an Admiral. I would feel letdown if Smoker’s rank is lower than Koby’s by the end of the story considering how long he’s been in the marines and his character/morals are a perfect fit for the FA position.
    He’s also a friend to Kuzan, who was originally promoted for FA by Sengoku

  2. could be Greenbull for all we know.

    I’m sure Smoker and Coby will be 2 of the 3 admirals in the future though.

  3. How about this, bb kills shanks, final battle between angered luffy and bb. Bb is about to beat luffy and koby arrives in time to save him, the real final battle is between luffy & koby vs bb (like on the past roger & garp vs rocks).

    They beat bb, luffy becomes the pk and koby becomes the new legend in the marines

  4. Once the celestial dragons Fall, Garp would be prime candidate for Fleet admiral with koby being an admiral.

  5. Fujitora..guy is sensible enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right…plus he is really capable and dependable ….his notion of justice is miles better than that of akainu’s

  6. Smoker I think. But its really weird how Oda just swept Koby and Smoker under the rug. First time I saw that scene with Luffy and Koby I was sure that the series would be split between the growth and rivalry of Luffy and Koby, but then he was just forgotten off, lol. Smoker too, even though that was Luffy’s first villain he couldn’t beat, I thought for a bit Smoker would be the next Garp since we saw him in Punk Hazard but once again he was forgotten. I honestly am no longer fully confidence Luffy will even have his Garp or even Sengoku like Roger did.

  7. Fleet Admiral Aokiji

    Admiral Smoker

    Vice Admiral Coby

    Tentative ranks toward the very end, possibly looking at a timeskip, until finally everyone gets promoted a rank. Then Coby’s dreams are fulfilled, Smoker starts running the Marines like the Navy (pun intended), and Aokiji retires to play with his penguins or ranks up General. Either way he just takes a nap.

  8. Personally I think fugitora will be the next fleet admiral he’s good hearted and can tell good from evil, koby being fleet admiral wouldn’t accomplish his goal so I think he’ll just be an admiral same with smoker and the final admiral I think will be xdrake, he went from marine to pirate back to a special marine and he defo has the strength to be one at the end of the story and would be a nice twist.

  9. Fleet admiral may be Fuji or Aokiji.

    Smoker and Koby will both be admirals. Idk who the third admiral will be. Possibly Helmeppo since he follows Koby everywhere and could undergo huge growth.

    Another possibility is smoker is fleet admiral and Koby and tashigi and hina are all admirals…..I actually would highly enjoy this one

  10. Kuzan Is the hero the navy need not what they deserve. He will probably never get recognised for his undercover job (if I’m right on this).

    I would bet on smoker, he’s the most decent man in the whole series.

  11. Could be Green Bull, could be Fuji, could even be Smoker, but I want it to be Tsuru. Just an old lady, reprimanding everyone who does not behave. that’s how you get the Navy back in order.

  12. It’s gotta be Koby. If you assume that the World Government as we know it will cease to exist in its current form, the man in charge of rebuilding the marines as a true force for good has to be someone from the new generation with a completely different perception of justice than what came before. The new world is going to need his fresh perspective.

    Fujitora isn’t a terrible choice from a logical perspective, but he would be a pretty narratively unsatisfying one.

    Smoker has too much of Garp’s narrative DNA in him. He’s had an insubordinate streak from the start, and I just don’t see him as having any interest in the position. To my mind, a satisfying end game for him almost has to involve breaking away from the marines entirely.

  13. Goat has experience he work beside Sengoku and Garp for years. He’s got my vote for what it’s worth.

  14. why is there no one talk about the GOAT?!! i mean sengoku has pretty much raised the goat himself at his side since forever. Look at what sengoku has been always fed him. For all we know it could be all the super secret formula to defeat the yonko. Maybe the goat can convert all the information in those papers to power.

  15. If Luffy’s gonna king of the pirates, then it would make sense that Kobe, his first friend/rival in the show, should be the fleet admiral.

  16. Coby is training with Garp, Smoker is Trash, i think That Kuzan will have a huge Hole with Robin… not FIGHT Robin, but… something related to D. Saul, Robin and the Poneglif

  17. I would like Fuijitora as commander in chief and smoker as fleet admiral. Then Koby probably admiral

  18. Koby inevitably will be an admiral and I’m almost sure he will be fleet admiral, I just don’t think it will happen on screen unless Oda makes a timeskip at the epilogue or something like this. The safest bet is Kizan because he almost got the position and it would be nice to see him recovering his original justice and reforming the navy. Garp don’t want the position, is from the old gen and also is practically retired. Smoker isn’t strong enough, probably has an opinion similar to Garp about the position and I don’t think he wants to command the navy. There is also Fujitora but for me kuzan reforming the navy sounds thematically better.

  19. Probably garp would be my guess cause only reason he isn’t higher up is because he doesn’t like the celestial dragons