How they call each other.

How they call each other.

How they call each other.

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  1. Gotta respect the dedication of that fan…

    Literally straight up reread 60 volumes to find this

  2. Its worth a thousand chapters of hate for that one true bro moment oda will give us at the end. I already know I’m gonna cry like with going merry chapters when it hits.

  3. i refuse to belive that mr nosebleed and mosshead were only said so little. it feels like they constantly say that to each other????

  4. Fucking Pirate A. I remember loving that line but cant for the life of me remember where it was.

  5. Only in One Piece where when Zoro finally calls Sanji by his name for the first time in 20 years, it would break the internet.

  6. Only way I can see Zoro calling Sanji by his name is in a future were he have his own dojo and one of his disciples asks him about the straw hats and the conversation goes like this…

    Disciple: hey master, is it true that you were a pirate?

    Zoro: yes.

    Disciple: and how was it? Did you get along with everyone in the crew?

    Zoro: mostly yes, but we had an perv cook that always got on my nerves. I think his name was Sanji or something stupid like this.

  7. “What do you mean? Sanji says Zoro’s name so many times when they were washing the dishes together.”
    – Anime exclusive watchers

  8. Hope for a big moment of zoro calling sanji by his name! Hope for a teamup, teamwork from the best duo!

  9. Zoro actually referred to Sanji by using his name in Enies Lobby. He said to Chopper to find Nami, Sanji or Franky to get the key of his handcuffs.

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