My own tier list (as of chapter 1028). Give me your criticism

My own tier list (as of chapter 1028). Give me your criticism

My own tier list (as of chapter 1028). Give me your criticism

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  1. This is my 1st tier list. Tried my best not to be biased as much as possible and followed what the story has told us so far. I made the tier list based on score to visualise the differences between different classes because some differences are bigger than other differences, while some other classes overlap with each other. The scores are definitely my own perception and will be different from others.

    New characters will move to different classes after every arc as they gain more experiences and new power ups.

    I believe that EOS Luffy will be in Roger’s place, EOS Zoro will be in Rayleigh’s place by surpassing Mihawk, EOS Sanji will be in Gaban’s place and EOS Yamato will be in Oden’s place. While it’s anime only, I do think that Gaban and Oden were roughly equal and comparable. I don’t think Oda will let the anime mess up with the important characters, unlike Batman the 6th emperor.

    This means, Luffy as the king of the pirates will have 3 yonko level nakama if Yamato joins the crew.

    As for Dragon, I believe he carries the entire revolutionary army

    Edit: this list is ordered in the same tier which means aokiji from 88-91 has the highest score in that tier which is 91. So, some from the tier 90-93 can be weaker than him overall and can have a score of 90 which is lower than aokiji.

    I created these 2 very confusing and overlapping tier to differentiate the yonkos and the admirals. But I think that admirals are very close to the yonkos where sometimes a specific admiral can be stronger than a specific yonko since not every yonko is equal.

  2. I’ll never understand how people think Rayleigh is stronger than yonkos and admirals

  3. Yamato up one tier. Her feats put her well above 1st Commanders.

    Cracker and Jack down one tier. They are similar to Doffy and Jinbei imo.

    Killer is too weak to be here. Being on the roof and hurting Kaido isn’t enough to put Killer at Commander level, when even Kiku did the same thing. He was one-shot by a weaker version of an attack that King tanked.

  4. Rayleigh and mihawk not younkou level tbh admirals should be way higher if you consider kaidou 94 admiral should 92

  5. Did you seriously put Rayleigh and Mihawk over Shanks???!!
    Sheesshhh the disrespect 😤

  6. Sanji above katakuri -____- , strongest creature in the world never bet against in a 1v1 behind Sengoku?

  7. Kuzan, Fujitora, Ryokugyu and Kizaru one tier up

    Admirals > Scopper & Oden

    Yamato one tier up

    Luffy still is the weakest top tier behind the admirals

    Love the sengoku respect

  8. How is mihawk higher then shanks?
    Shanks became a Yonko after loosing an arm. Shanks had probably the best haki in the entire series. He is one off the legendary figures who was able to fight kaido. Oda self said that when shanks lost an arm he did not lose any strength. Mihawk is the strongest swordsman but not the strongest pirate or creature or human being. This does not make sense in the way that if zoro beats mihawk and becomes the strongest swordsman, he should be stronger then luffy? No way man luffy will always be superior. I belive that in a sword fight mihawk will win but in an all out fight shanks will get mihawk. Because of his fighting style and haki.

  9. Kaido up one tier.

    Oden up 3 tiers.

    The whole 90/93 up to one tier.

    88-91 up to one tier.

    Yamato up to 2 tiers (with the admirals).

    Law / Kidd down to one tier, Doflamingo up also. Doflamingo beated Law, remember it.

    Katakuri also up, he’s an admiral-tier.

  10. I guess this is reasonable for the most part. Idk that there’s a huge gap between Kuzan and Sakazuki, from what we know they fought pretty evenly for the longest time and it was only after *days* that Kuzan lost. Yamato should be a higher too, she’s seemingly either high 88-91 or low 90-93 tier.

  11. If its not ordered then the only issue imo is yamabro’s placement and i think jinbei should be moved up

  12. Why does your list skip from 80 to 88 and from 94 to 98? Is it because you perceive a significant gap between those tiers?

  13. I’d put Aokiji and Akainu on the same tier because they were pretty much equals right? Their battle lasted for 5 days.

  14. Kaido should not be a tier above all other yonkos (expect maybe Blackbeard), Mihawk, and especially not Akainu. It wouldn’t make sense for Luffys next main enemy to be an entire tier below his previous one (Kaido).

    Also, I will never understand how most of you guys can put Aokiji an entire tier below Akainu. They had the most extreme diff fight in the entire series.

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