what is an idea for a one piece what if

what is an idea for a one piece what if

what is an idea for a one piece what if

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  1. What if Luffy became a marine?

    What if Luffy didn’t eat the gomu gomu no mi?

    What if the Strawhats failed to rescue Robin at Enies Lobby?

    What if Oden beat Kaido 20 years ago?

    What if Kuma took Zoro during Thriller Bark?

  2. What if luffy refused robins request to join the crew?
    What if sengoku didn’t stop garp from attacking akainu?

  3. What if Kaku and Kalifa had eaten the opposite fruits? (Kaku eating the Awa Awa no mi/Bubble Bubble Fruit instead of the Ushi Ushi no Mi/Ox-Ox Fruit Model Giraffe and vice versa)

    What if Vivi HAD joined the Strawhats after Alabasta?

  4. Potential Spoilers:

    What if Sabo actually died when Celestial Dragon blew his boat.

    What if Ace successfully defeated Blackbeard and brung him back to WB pirates.

    What if Dragon never saved Luffy back in Loguetown.

    What if Luffy wanted to become a marine after being inspired by Garp.

    What if Buggy never got sick and both him and Shanks reached Laugh Tale.

    What if Oden successfully killed Kaido 20 years ago.

    What if Roger never got sick.

    What if Joyboy held his end of the bargain.

    What if Aokiji became the Fleet Admiral.

    What if Sanji was born as ruthless as his brothers.

    What if Caramel had successfully sold Big Mom to WG.

    What if Fisher Tiger failed to climb the Red Line.

    What if Kuina never fell off the stairs.

    There r literally endless possibilities.

  5. What if Luffy and Blackbeard clashed at Impel down?

    What if Sabo was at Marineford?

    What if Kaido made it to Marineford instead of Shanks?

  6. What if every creature that was asked to join by Luffy accepted the offer? We would have Gaimon fighting a tobiroppo maybe ahahahah

  7. What if ace didn’t die
    What if whitebeard didn’t die
    What if Revolutionary army was in marineford war
    What if the strawhats were never saved by Kuma in sabaody

  8. What if Enel was a warlord?

    Dressrosa would have never existed and we’d be at least 104 chapters ahead of the current story right now, Oda would be on path to finish the story in 3 years