Random 1v1s thread. Who wins each round?

Random 1v1s thread. Who wins each round?

Random 1v1s thread. Who wins each round?

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  1. Its crazy that people think Mr. 5 could beat Arlong. This dude is out here with this strong ass devil fruit that allows him to make bombs with his breath. Yet he uses it to flick boogers. He’d get smacked

  2. Here’s my versus:

    Vinsmoke Judge vs Vergo

    Denjiro vs Doflamingo

    Charlotte Gallette vs Perona

  3. Oven (high diff): He’s an officer level fighter of the Big Mom pirates, which means he’s got both kinds of haki, and at a fairly high level at that. Cavendish also has both, but it’s unknown at which level, and no concrete haki feats have been shown iirc. Perhaps when he stopped Chinjao but tbh Chinjao stands no chance against Oven.

    Jabra (mid diff): Jabra’s Tekkai Kempo is insanely strong. He only got defeated cause of the Diable Jambe deus ex machina (well, it was cool ngl and it needed to be done at some point).

    Drake (low diff): He stomps Haijrudin imo. I think Hajruding hasn’t even got both kinda of haki, while Drake has his AZ and both of them.

    Arlong (high diff)

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