Who is the funniest character in one piece

Who is the funniest character in one piece

Who is the funniest character in one piece

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  1. Situations are funny in one piece, not really people. Zoro getting stuck in the chimney was the funniest moment for me but Zoro isn’t necessarily funny. Also Luffy laughing at him over it was also funny.

  2. The whole exchange between Luffy and Franky about coating the ship is legendary. But the recent chapter with Queen and Sanji was gold too. Also Zoro pre-grand line was pretty funny but nowadays he’s too serious to be funny.

  3. Luffy

    The guy’s not good with jokes or anything but the way he acts just gets me bawling every time

    Especially coz half the time, he’s probably serious about his ridiculous ideas

  4. I’m not sure if he’s the funniest per se…but I definitely laugh the most with Luffy. His interactions with other characters are actually gold. I also love how Luffy is so Luffy that we know how he’ll act and just seeing other characters experience that is hilarious.

  5. Between Luffy or Sanji for me. Usopp/Buggy’s style of comedy actually annoys me (the bumbling type who are super lucky), but I can see them being popular picks. I don’t really think the other options are that funny in totality.

    Why I think Luffy is funny is just because of the random shit he pulls off in serious moments, or how he reacts to things. Things like “I have a dad?” or pushing the zombie back into the grave are hilarious and only something he could say or do.

    Sanji is funny because he goes from being the coolest guy to the biggest simp, and that dichotomy and contrast makes his behavior hilarious when he switches from beating some goons in to “Nami-sswaaaaan” within a millisecond.

  6. Kaku is really funny. I love how defensive he is about how cool giraffes are and how he invents attack names on the spot. And how he uses his giraffe powers

  7. Brook. Him laughing at Sanji when he met that doppelganger guy is the funniest thing in the show! XD

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