Trying to talk to Saitama downplayers be like

Trying to talk to Saitama downplayers be like

Trying to talk to Saitama downplayers be like

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  1. These guys would be terrified to learn that clouds on Earth weight million of tons on average, and the only reason they are not “crashing” is because they are extremely disperse (0.5 gram per cubic meter) and falling constantly, getting lifted by upward wind time to time.

  2. I don’t get why you’d be into One Punch Man if you have this mindset of wanting to donwplay Saitama. The entire point of OPM is that he’s ridiculously overpowered with literally no one coming close. If you want well balanced power scaling go find something else.

  3. Who are those people? Lol

    I mean, even IF jupiter was as big as earth (or small, in this case?) Saitama destroyed it just with a sneeze. ahah

    Saitama can do much more than sneezing

  4. I like when they scale him punching trough dimensions and kick hyperspace portals as “non physicall interaction”

  5. They don’t know that most of those gasses in the atmosphere combined are denser than most known metals.

    Jesus Christ on top of that they don’t know how gravity works in space.

    Anime power scalers are some of the most petulant moronic people out there. It’s no wonder too, all the facts about the real world they get is what they see in anime.

    Fucking sad losers.

  6. Is there a character more anti-wanked than Saitama? It’s hard to think of a character that YouTube power scalers seem to have such an issue with accepting.

    Not that any of this shit matters, I just think it’s interesting

  7. Tbh even this is kinda downplay. Just putting Saitama at planetary is down play at this point is just wrong

  8. Why do people downplay Saitama. The show is literally called One Punch Man. he’s never not going to be as strong as he needs to be for plot.

  9. He’s a Gag character. It’s like silver age Superman, he can do whatever is needed to beat the villain.

    If he has to fart the sun into another galaxy, he’ll do it.

  10. Also taking into account that this was accidentally done by just a sneeze and not an actual punch.

  11. Bro jupiter is a failed star, it’s dense af. It probably 1000x more dense at it’s solid core than the entirity of earth.

  12. These dumb fucks would think a kilogram or iron is heavier than a kilogram of feathers

  13. Kyle Hill has a great video that he just released on the subject. It’s a pretty good watch imo.

  14. Trying to argue with “saitama is limitless so he beats everyone in fiction”

  15. While he blasted a wave in the atmosphere that reached down to its core, it’s likely that the raised-up gas flopped back around and down again, pulled back into place by gravity. It may have rings now, though, from whatever leading edge got far enough out to settle into orbit.

  16. Saitama is more than planet buster he will be 4-B, like solar system level now and that’s a lowball

  17. honestly he’s strong and it’s cool that’s why i like the show, im not really gonna do the math to prove he’s beat goku or anything like that.

  18. Mostly gas yeah but isnt there also a sea of sulfur or something, point being, its not just gas there’s other stuff too

  19. Or maybe we should stop trying to scale the dude who farted his way across the solar system?

  20. Just to throw this out there powerscalers generally measure planet busting in terms of the energy required to overcome the gravitational constant binding energy of a planet in Joules.

    U = (3*G *M^2 ) / (5*R)

    3 * 6.67×10^-11 * 3.56^49 / (5 * 6371) = **2.25×10^32 J** = Earth level

    The GBE for Jupiter is **2.05×10^36 J** = Jupiter level

    So the feat is 4 orders of magnitude stronger. However you could make the argument Saitama didn’t destroy the core but most of the mass isn’t in the core.

  21. Yeah he didn’t hurt Jupiter really just kinda puffed the gas away a bit. Source: I dropped out of biology 2 in college

  22. Saitama could fistbump himself and destroy the earth the fuck are these people on about

  23. Gas is still made of stuff and not to mention tons of rocks it’s way too impressive

  24. Powerscalers are the worst part of the anime Fandom, especially the Twitter scalers they just be spouting a bunch of nonsense and people agree with it.

  25. > “In 1997, the existence of the core was suggested by gravitational measurements, indicating a mass of 12 to 45 times the mass of Earth, or roughly 4%–14% of the total mass of Jupiter.”

    So the core is just a small fraction of Jupiter’s total mass, yet stil 12-45 times earths mass. If my math is correct, just blasting away the atmosphere of Jupiter, Saitama displaced at the very least a little under 300 times the mass of earth.

  26. He didn’t destroy Jupiter, he just blew the gas cloud blanketing the entire planet away. We can clearly see it’s highly dense sphere of dark matter intact at its core.