Does Tatsumaki clear the MA’s Top 3 Gauntlet?

Does Tatsumaki clear the MA’s Top 3 Gauntlet?

Does Tatsumaki clear the MA’s Top 3 Gauntlet?

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  1. She dont have to worry about the life of other heroes, So she brutally destroy everyone in here

  2. I’d say she clears. Not having to hold back due to worrying about others would mean she could just start tearing up the landscape right away which I think means she’d be able to clear probably mid-high difficulty. But who knows lol

  3. IDK it’s a little bit implied that God injured Tats during the Psykorochi battle. It cuts away to God while Tats is spanking her and then next time you see Tats she’s bleeding profusely.

  4. Round 1 and 2 get negged. For round 3, Implying she doesn’t have to deal with rescuing people, she should either low or mid diff psykosorochi, pick whichever you want, and then PS gets low diffed.

  5. She could easily make it through rounds 1 and 2. But even if she can beat Psykorochi after all that trouble, she’ll be so worn out and injured that Platinum Sperm would kill her.

  6. Easily. She only got worn out because she had to spend so much energy protecting everyone else.

  7. She doesn’t have the feats to suggest she could even react to PS. I say she clears up to him, then she gets blitzed.

  8. I think the only debatable one is Platium Sperm if she’s allowed to go all out from the beginning

  9. I still have no idea how would any S class hero fully defeat black sperm . Like there are 54 trillion of them .

  10. Maybe Plat S is too fast. Maybe Black S clones are too many in number. Maybe Orochi and Psykorochi have their Earth fucking shit. I don’t think she can take down all of them. She’s definitely powerful. But, she will run out. And dealing with all of the Aboves and Highs seems too crazy. You never know with Tats though. All she needs is to be pissed off.

  11. I think Round 3 would be the one she has the most difficulty, but even then it most likely won’t be much of a problem for her.

    She’d quite easily blast her way through the first two rounds, so she’d arrive at round 3 with basically full health.

  12. If health Carey’s over and tats just bearly beat the big white lady (forgot her name while typing) she stops at stage 3