Feels bad

Feels bad

Feels bad

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  1. I’m not sure about the webcomic since we haven’t gotten anything new for a whole year.

  2. You should read the manga(s), then, and enjoy the anime when it comes out. I sure did and it was great seeing my favourite action panels come into life as animation.
    I always felt bad for people who watched berserk animation (the first one) and were confused, even angered, by the story ending so abruptly, when in fact its like a small part of the (ongoing) manga and missing the main aspect of the story ahah^^

  3. Why not read the manga? What’s hard about it? I don’t understand…Reading manga is fun too!

    Wow..downvoted for saying reading is not hard 😆

  4. What’s supposed to feel bad about people who have free access to the material but choose not to read it?

    Fake pity; if they want to, they’ll read it.

  5. Any baccano fans? 6 years since the last novel and it’s the damn final novel (2 i guess) which is pending.