Fubuki Knocks On Your Door, Will You Let Her In?

Fubuki Knocks On Your Door, Will You Let Her In?

Fubuki Knocks On Your Door, Will You Let Her In?

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  1. I would prepare a water bucket, and then opening the door I would “accidentally” spill it all over her.

  2. She hunts low level bounties, so I hide at first and frantically check online to see if I have any unpaid parking tickets.

  3. Let a manipulative psycho obssesed with being on top, with psyhic powers, into my home? No, thank you.

  4. Grab a pair of glitter-bedazzled parachute pants, put on a Bad Dragon codpiece over them, nipple tassels, and answer.

    “Sorry, orgy is over. Could I get your contact information to invite you to the next one?”

    Totally not speaking from experience, that also works wonders for scaring away missionaries.

  5. no but I wouldn’t be able to fend her off. If I somehow made it into B class in OPM universe, I should have been like mumen rider and just staying at the top of C class because i’m just a basic bitch

  6. Yes I’ll let her in I’ll join her group only if she let’s me be her boyfriend

  7. Nope. She’s got plenty of other people to keep her company with, only OPM character I’m letting in unironically are king, metal bat, blast, saitama, bang, mizuki. Maaaaaaaayyyybe tatsumaki since I’m patient.

  8. Fubuki fanart by [RamosVitalixxx]( on Twitter

  9. Depends on if she’s willing to use force to get me to comply. If she is willing to get violent, I lock the door and put up a fight.