Platinum Groribas is born with a Blast!

Platinum Groribas is born with a Blast!

Platinum Groribas is born with a Blast!

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  1. Oh hell nah. Now we’re going to need Tank Top Bang, Full Confidence Darkshine, Awakened Manako, Ultra Stinky Fuhrer Ugly and Modern Art Proof Genos just to put a dent in him

  2. “Like an emerging chrysalis… Right now, in this single body, 20 techniques are contending to be my sole signature move. Once techniques merge, they can no longer seperate.”

    “For the birth of one new move, *countless* others have to be sacrificed. That’s why it’s precious, that’s why it’s beautiful.”

    “My heart right now is filled with deep sadness. For 20 special attacks are dissapearing into nothingness.”

    “On the other hand, I am happy from the depth of my heart. As 20 merge… the true me makes its debut”

    *Platinum Groribas learns a new move!*

  3. The strongest and most beautiful monster, Lord Groribas!

    More colorings: [Instagram](

  4. Looks wonderful.We all now bow down
    to Groribas Platinum;)
    Noone can defeat him😀

    Good Work friend:)

    Or is there anyone here 2 defy him? 😂

    Been waiting for him/her so long😓

  5. Bang would get fucked against Hero Hunter Garou!
    First Garou will easily adapted to his fighting style!!
    Second Bang died because he got fucked by HHG!