if anyone was still wondered

if anyone was still wondered

if anyone was still wondered

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  1. I’m preeeeetty sure this aspect has been quietly retconned. Even in the webcomic it was nerfed to be softer than this.

  2. Isn’t it fucked up the double standard we have regarding male rape? It’s awful and here I am thinking Prisoner is one of the most hilarious manga characters despite him being a serial rapist.

    No one would laugh if he was out there raping criminal women.

  3. In other words when he see’s a you he’s like, I likes ya and I wants ya, now we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way the choice is yours.

  4. As hilarious as I find PPP

    >He’s building his very own harem of sex sla… I mean, boys

    This… makes me feel very sick

  5. PPP is lowkey the worst piece of shit out of all the S Class folks.

    A couple of them like Tats, Bofoi, and Flashy are jackasses but nothing comes close to this.

  6. The man is literally keeping and raping men.

    And they know they can’t escape. I’ll admit I found it funny at first… but this makes me irk.

  7. Like the old saying “you rape a rapist and the amount of rapists in the room goes up by one”

  8. If its discussed but nothing ever shown then I can let it pass as another redditer mentioned it’s a manga about Monsters and heroes and entire cities being destroyed in an instant. Same with the ripper guy who kills kids. They are creating reasons to hate bad guys and etc. but again its “off screen”.

    When a manga or show actually shows this stuff then I can’t willingly watch it. Seven deadly sins ended for me the moment the main character was constantly groping the lead female character. I kept trying to invest in the story but couldn’t get past that.

  9. In the current arc, PPP shows that he seems to think the criminals are genuinely willing and they like him.

    So he’s more deluded than evil.