The true Monster King has entered the battle!

The true Monster King has entered the battle!

The true Monster King has entered the battle!

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  1. I wish someone who knows how to do some really good fan-art would do a drawing of Groribas in an Eldrich God version where he smashes Tornado and the Fusion of Psychos and Orochi at the same time.

  2. Then GG fucking dies because King saved PS from death as PS is actualy Dark shine but in a costume. ofcourse GG has 69 lifes so he comes back to life from the surprise attack but Dark shine in a PS costume managed to get back up and get a good hit into GG. GG who didnt like that used his acid and kill DS. King who didnt like that brought DS back to life and rushed into GG and chop his head off, but unknowingy release GG secret attack, SEEDS OF TRUTH. this causes GG to spread his seeds into the ground and sprout out 420 copies of him. now it is 421 GGs vs resurected GG and King. then suddenly the real PS comes into the vision after his piss break, which causes GG to realise if he truely wants a chance to win he needs to combine, so using his new clones he combines into his true form : PLATINUM GRORIBAS.

    DS already had 54 heart attacks as he viewed PS shiny body and King was bored and left the battle to go play some games, leaving a 1v1 for PS and PG. This battle lasted for 500 hours, with millions dead from the earthquakes caused from their punches alone. eventually, PG wins but he did loose 1 arm and a leg, with most of his acid being completly depleted. finaly, Saitama sees him and 1 shots him as he was caught offgaurd

  3. Stated to be their best warrior, this guy was likely more powerful than Melzargard and Geryuganshoop.