Could drive knight tank the vfu acid?

Could drive knight tank the vfu acid?

Could drive knight tank the vfu acid?

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  1. We have no feats that fit the scenario, but Drive Knight seems to focus on versatility, so he probably has something to deal with acids

  2. If DK’s gold form is actually gold he’ll be good. If not there’s not enough info to tell 🙂

  3. I think he should be able to but I’m not sure, Drive Knight is probably way big of a player than he’s perceived in universe but he should at least be able to dodge it? I’m not sure tho this is a rather odd matchup

  4. His gold mode is it i believe will easily evaporate the acid before it can do any damage to his armor

  5. I think he still has a tank form up his sleeves, but maybe he could evaporize it with golds heat

  6. I don’t think Drive Knight’s Gold form is actually “Gold” like GS to the point where it resists acid.

  7. If it damaged Darkshine it will absolutely melt through Drive Knight. But it depends also on if his form is actually gold, which I doubt because gold melts easier which is not a good mix with his heat abilities. The heat could possibly save him from the acid though.

  8. He could use heat to scorch it before it makes contact, but I dunno if his cybernetics could survive full contact; VFU was melting masterwork quality swords like sugar cubes on a griddle.

    He’s the best equipped to suppress and defeat Fuhrer Ugly, but I think he should avoid contact if he knows what’s best for him. Just bomb him from a distance.

  9. almost 100%

    He is extremely worried about any sort of scenario and so should be covered by acid proof metal. You really think he wouldnt be prepared for acid attacks?

  10. With OPM’s logic of elements, I wouldn’t be surprised that DK’s Gold General is actually gold, so, yeah.