Especially in the current arc, great development Genos

Especially in the current arc, great development Genos

Especially in the current arc, great development Genos

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  1. Just imagine a team of Saitama, Genos, Fubuki, King and Watchdogman.

    Monsters would shit themselves to death once they arrive.

  2. if the initial premise of the manga a joke isnt making his lack of developement great developent?

  3. Genos is quite young, it is natural that he will take away his arrogance as he matures. Others on the other hand take a bit of time to mature cofcofTatscofcof.

  4. I unironically LOVE this side story ***so fucking much***. ‘Cause like, on the surface it’s just this haha cute hang-out of the three of them doing exactly what friends do when they’re spending time together, and I’m desperate for more slice-of-life stuff in the series. On the other, if you look at the reasoning for what they say, it’s so absurdly sad.

    Genos turns it down outright (except for when Saitama suggests it because I mean of course) because to him the idea of winning a fight by the power of friendship wielded by just heroes that come to save you *is* nothing more than a childhood fantasy. His whole family was murdered, his town went up in flames, and he lost almost all of himself to a massacre that went unchecked because no one nearby was strong enough to stop it, and no one came to rescue them. You’re strong on your own or else you and all your loved ones die. *That’s* Genos’ reality. Saitama and Kuseno are miracles in an otherwise bleak, ruthless world.

    Saitama loves the idea of teaming up with people, and even gives it a shot–but it ends up being nothing like what he expected, and that’s been his whole life. He reads up on how he should do things, he fantasizes about it, he gets deep into stories about heroes and monsters…but then when he tries it out for real, they *always* let him down. It’s sad two-fold too, because of his chronic issue of his supposed dream-come-true being a disappointment, but also because it’s clear that Saitama craves meaningful interactions, even if he’s bad at saying it. He likes going to fairs and festivals, he brings Genos with him to spas and resorts, he actively seeks out King and Mumen to hang out. Saitama *wants* to be close to people, but it’s rare that it matches what he’s really expecting–and it doesn’t seem like he even knows what that something is, so he can’t seek it out. It’s always just a daydream barely out of his grasp.

    For King, he resonates really deeply with a show about hope and belief because the only thing sustaining him is everyone else’s belief in him as a hero–it’s literally all that gives him his power over anyone or anything–and the hope that he doesn’t get just fucking murdered the next time he leaves the house. There’s also the idea that King needs to be saved by people, so the thought of a group of hero friends that come together when anyone is in need–the heroes included–is probably a huge comfort to him. For him, though, it *is* a reality. He’s living it. It isn’t as pretty or predictable or kind as a kid’s show, but he knows how real the power of camaraderie is. But it’s also all he has. I love King, but he’s essentially a sham, and he needs those things to be real for him to continue to exist. Hope, love, and friendship ***is*** a life-or-death situation for him.

    And then that the chapter ends with King letting Saitama’s character die to show him a lesson, while King sits there upset… Like again, I know it’s just a cute side-story, but ***fuck*** if it didn’t drop like a lead weight when I was reading it.