One Punch Man after the Boros arc in a nutshell

One Punch Man after the Boros arc in a nutshell

One Punch Man after the Boros arc in a nutshell

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  1. We just saw the bald man squirting… Let him rest for a bit. This arc had Saitama missing for 20 chapters in the webcomic. Overall the authors are trying to get him more screentime in the manga.**

  2. This is a joke, I get it.

    But, lets be serious for a moment: All of this additional plot development and peripheral character development is to highlight Saitama. All of these other people are used as foils and plot devices by ONE as comparison and contrast with the main character. ONE is a skilled writer and has very clever story development. OPM has gone big, and ONE has to bring his skill to the table to show he is capable of steering this franchise in a big way. If it is Saitama the whole time every time it would get really boring pretty quick. Consider the initial Saitama versus Sonic arc, it was brilliant. We are now getting a lot more of the same by way of all of the other heroes and anti-heroes. There has to be a big buildup in this arc in order for the final confrontation to be substantive, like it is intended to be. More lighthearted Saitama-centric jokes will come after this arc, as the web comic portends.

    And, if you are genuinely upset about the lack of Saitama in this chapter, you need to pump the breaks, do some deep breathing exercises, and go outside for awhile. Maybe take a break and watch some BBC nature documentaries, huh?

  3. If not for Saitama, the heroes would also have to deal with Gouketsu, Elder Centipede, Orochi, Rover, Phoenix Man, and the ninja bros. Let the man rest

  4. We’ll be returning to him once the MA arc wraps up. It’s a return to more Season 1 stuff there in the webcomic though not quite. Other characters also get screen time further down but Saitama will be back at large too.

  5. I’m pretty sure he still has the most screen time out of anyone post Boros. But yeah he’s there a lot less then a primary protagonist usually is

  6. I don’t know, Darkshine isn’t all that funny to me.

    I mean to each their own, I’m not judging.

  7. Honestly I’ve been so bored with the MA arc. 0 emotional tie to beating the monsters, 0 tension of any important characters dying, very little displays of comedy/parody, and taking forever for Saitama to get on top or Garou to get his spotlight (which he only started to get today). It just feels dragged out for no reason and a lot of characters are getting super rushed development because they were all one note heroes an arc ago.

  8. You may not realize but Saitama is really hard to deal with, you have to take him out of the history for it to be able to develop.

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