i feel young Bang was more like Suiryu than Garou

i feel young Bang was more like Suiryu than Garou

i feel young Bang was more like Suiryu than Garou

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  1. he’s a mix of both–there’s that panel where he’s standing in front of everyone whose asses he just kicked and it directly mirrors the one where garou is standing in front of the criminals he whooped at the HA. and my only idea as to why they’re introducing those traits is that they’re going to tie this back in to bang/suicho. i’ve long maintained that the suiryu/garou parallels are really interesting and that it’d be a waste not to capitalize that.

  2. I’ll say both!
    Cuz Suiryu wanted a happy easy life whereas Bang wanted to grow strong while satisfying his martial arts.

  3. Yeah I see Suiryu and Garou having some sort of Interaction in the future, probably a quick but short fight and ending up both as Bang’s only pupils.

  4. Suiryu wasn’t challenging everyone he saw and constantly sending people to the hospital

    That’s where he’s part Garou

  5. I couldn’t help but think this while reading the chapter. He did feel more like Suiryu then Garou. Pretty much exactly like Suiryu really.

  6. Or maybe Garou and Suiryu are more alike than we thought: they both see the responsibilities of a hero as some form of obstacle.

  7. Makes you wonder about their lvl at this age.

    The way I see it Suiryu could be the next Bang for the HA, might have the potential to be as strong or even stronger that Bang if he tries.

    I would like that. I like Suiryu, and he’s one of the very very few to get that Saitama is no pushover. Something almost all S rank can’t even tell…

  8. I think Garou and Bang are obviously meant to parallel each other in this chapter, they look very much alike, but the purpose Bang used to fight for is more similar to Suiryu than Garou

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