What If Kabuto Revived Hagoromo & Hamura For The 4th Great Ninja War?

Ok so what if alongside everyone kabuto attempted to use, he revived Sage of Six Paths and His brother to win the war. Everything stays the same otherwise, those two are the only addition, how does the war play out?😂

Let’s say he revived them at the same time he brings back Madara and the other kage.

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  1. If hashirama can break out of edo tensei they certainly can.

    But let’s assume they’re under kabutos control. It would probably go like madara vs shinobi alliance except none of them are moving and just letting the TSOs do their thing. These guys are 6 paths characters. No one else pre juubito has even seen something of that caliber. The 4 hokage resummoned wouldn’t make a difference. Hashirama himself took one look at juubito and was like “yeah I can’t beat that.” Imagine how much worse it would be with juubito but with double rinnegan and creation of all things jutsu.

  2. Kabuto doesn’t even have the chakra to revive Hagoromo’o and Hamura as an edotensei, just look at the amount of chakra it took to bring back Kaguya alive.

    I think if Kabuto was able to miraculously somehow edotensei revive Hamura and Hagoromo’o then it’s a wrap. These two are doing whatever they want and can’t be bound by Kabuto’s control.

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