what was your craziest Naruto theory? I thought this mf was Shisui 💀💀

what was your craziest Naruto theory? I thought this mf was Shisui 💀💀

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  1. I thought Hagoromo didn’t directly give Six paths power to both Naruto and Sasuke.

    Instead, he used the bad guys-turned to good Obito and Kabuto for his ‘divine intervention’ to revive Naruto and Sasuke resulting in unlocking new powers.

    I thought of this because Hashirama said he’ll share some power to Sasuke before the Madara selfie stick incident, and Uchiha+Senju thing results in unlocking rinnegan. Then Kabuto with the sage Jutsu thing to revive him happened.

    As for Naruto, He unlocked it because Obito has shared some of his Hashirama cells+ Uchiha blood when transferring/returning Kurama.

    Of course this is wrong because it was clearly stated that Hagoromo gave them the six paths prowess directly.

    This some of my small bullshit back in the day. The funny part is some of my friends were also convinced and thought I was a genius. Lmao.

  2. I thought sakumo was set up an that the mission (which Idk at the time but just assumed highly dangerous for someone like him) was meant to kill him off but bc he survived, was ridiculed into isolation and then assassinated, why Idk I was bored, however I remember people pointing out his shoulder clothing had the resemblance of a hokage cloak an just reached assuming it was something to do with it. It just didn’t make sense to me that someone as revered as him, iirc being regarded above or relative to the sannin wouldn’t go out like that, on their own volition

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