Ok this stupid

Ok this stupid

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  1. That depends. if we talk about alive Madara from war arc with rinnegan + wood style + sage mode. he definelty would destroy taka and akatsuki team

    if it’s alive EMS Madara then akatsuki and Taka probably would win

  2. nah madara takes

    alive EMS madara should be perfect susanoo capable which basically makes him untouchable by everyone except like, itachi, pain and obito

    alive madara also could SUMMON THE ENTIRE 9 TAILS, use EMS level sharingan genjutsu, had some of the largest fire style techniques seen in the series and that’s not even mentioning that, we never actually saw what madaras mangekyo abilities are

    he is so unbelievably strong that they didn’t give him MS abilities, the akatsuki dont stand a chance even with taka there

    the only way it’s even remotely arguable is if you give every single member their strongest forms (except sasuke obv)

    edo itachi, full power nagato, EMS sasuke, karin when she destroyed the gedo statue stuff like that

  3. EMS madara wins lmao. Guess u need to rethink who’s the stupid one. Pain struggled with capturing the 9 tails that wasn’t even fully 9 tails. Sure he lost a lot of strength after using planetary devastation, but I doubt at full health he’d be able to do much. Madara used the 9 tails as a pet for his fight with hashirama. He completely destroys everyone.

  4. Pretty sure Madara wins this lool. One Perfect Sussano and they all get obliterated. Are we forgetting one swing blew off the peaks of multiple mountains?

    Madara scales to Hashirama. With EMS alone he can just stat-check everyone there.

  5. Madara fought Hashirama for an entire day. The combined Akatsuki isn’t doing that. Every member but Obito has lost to someone far weaker than Madara. The only person who gives him any trouble is Obito.

  6. Madara went toe to toe against Alive Prime Hashirama for several days straight man. He had the Nine Tails, Perfect Susano’o and could combine the two. Pain/Nagato, Itatchi, and Obito will be rough no doubt but I don’t doubt Alive Madara could clear them

  7. I will say this ain’t as stupid as people think. Madara was fucking BUSTED. He will be able to easily take out MANY of the akatuski. A lot of people don’t know this but in raw power it appears the alive Madara is stronger than his edo form as hashirama comments he’s regaining his old strength upon being revived. So his perfect susanoo is destroying like almost all the akatuski. So that to me leaves like obito and pain. Can they stop the susanoo ummm probably not. Now deidera could c0 the place but like would he get killed before it got to that? So it’s intriguing no doubt.

  8. OK this depends on a few factors.

    1. Which version of Obito? It’s not War Arc since it’s the Aktasuki and by the time the war starts they’re all dead. So it’s Yellow Mask Obito with no Rennegan and a lot weaker.
    2. Which version of Alive Madara? The only real factor is Rennegan since he’ll have the Kyubi as a summoning either way and that alone beats the Aktasuki in strength. Unless it’s placed under Genjutsu it’ll win.
    3. Does anybody get knowledge? This is THE biggest factor. Madara knows about Obito and Nagato already since that was his original plan. The rest however he knows nothing about but really can’t do anything to either.

  9. Madara wins, pretty easily too. One swing of a blade from the perfect susano would be a wrap for most of these man. Nagato’s sick ass lost to sage mode naruto and a partial form of the nine tails and the rest have taken L’s from ninjas that’d get packed as easily as the 5 kage so this ain’t really a debate. Unless Itachi pulls some magic out of his ass, they’re getting sent to the pervy sage in 40 minutes or less.

  10. Tbh I think Madara wins still. We know that his stats are higher when he’s alive than Edo thanks to Hashirama’s statement. And we also know that the Pain puppets go out pretty [easily](, while Madara’s rib cage alone could tank a Sage Mode [Big Ball Rasengan]( Also I think that having so many people on one team is more of a hindrance to begin with. Pain can’t do giant All Mighty Pushes because he could easily hit one of his many team mates, nor could he use Planetary Devastation because his team mates would be sucked up or hit too. Deidara can’t use giant explosions because he could just injure his teammates on accident as well, and I don’t think Obito will be able to Kamui everyone away every time. Same thing for Sasuke’s and Itachi’s Amaterasu, and Orochimaru’s and Sasori’s poisons. If Sasori did a wide scale attack of his iron sand like he did against Sakura he could end up poisoning one of his teammates as well. Kisame’s water dome only benefits himself and Suigetus, and I don’t think it’s large enough to hold a Perfect Susano’o to begin with. Also Jugo could very well end up hurting his teammates as well just from him losing sanity. I get that big numbers sound better, but when your strongest moves are aoe’s/have the chance to hit the people you’re working with it just doesn’t end up being a good time.

  11. Frankly, I’d go with Madara too. Limbo isn’t a SoSP ability, it’s Madara’s Rinnegan ability and Nagato would be the only one able to see them. So everyone else gets their necks readjusted and Madara only has a seriously hard fight with Nagato and his Paths of Pain.

    EDIT: scrap the Rinnegan I suppose, but it doesn’t make much difference in the scaling.

  12. On one hand, The Akatsuki should win due to sheer number and strength.

    On the other hand, A Blind alive Madara was casually beating bijuu with taijutsu. Alive Madara before the Final Valley fight also has access to the nine tails, which he can then coat with susanoo armor, not to mention the gunbai that can redirect attacks.

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