Who would win in a battle between Ay and Mu?

Who would win in a battle between Ay and Mu?

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  1. Possibly two of the strongest outer village Kages, but Id give Mu the edge. He has a wide range of bullshit abilities people barely talk about and he hard counters Raikage. He can use sensory skills and invisibility to get around Raikage’s speed and Jinton to overcome his Durability. He can fly away anytime to reorganize and he can use body fission to trick Ay. Mu 9/10 times.

    Simplest strategy :

    1. Turn invisible

    2. Tag Raikage and weigh him down

    3. Particle style



    6. Profit???

    (this strategy is so good I dont think most of the verse survives this)


    P.S : Mu in that frame has one to one similarity to Nah I’d Win Panel. Its fucking unreal

  2. Almost certainly Mu. Most people would agree that Ohnoki is the strongest of the five kages, and Muu would have beaten him solo after Ohnoki ran low on Chakra. Plus Muu can fly and turn invisible, on top of whatever other earth style and other elements he can use. Ay is probably about on par with the 4th Raikage, if not a bit stronger.

  3. Mu only because he can turn invisible. Him being able to fly and have particle style makes him hard to hit, but he’s a glass canon. He’d probably never tag Ay with how fast Ay is, nor could he outlast him in a battle stamina.

    But once you throw in invisibility it adds another level of strength to all of his techniques. And we have no data showing how good Ay is at sensing an opponent. It’s just overall a bad match up for him due to his opponents abilities.

  4. Probably Mu. The 3rd Raikage simply nevet showed anything that could reach a flying Mu, they both seem to have insane chakra and everything, but seemingly unlimited flight, real invisibility and particle style that’s actually strong enough to penetrante the Raikages chakra cloak will probably do the trick. Won’t high diff nonetheless

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