Something I noticed today…

Never really caught this before, but I like that Kakashi has an eye exam poster in his room.
He needs to make sure his sharingan eye isn’t going blind, I’d assume.

I know it’s filler but it’s cool to see him unmasked finally, and then to notice this subtle background piece lol

Something I noticed today...

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  1. Another little Easter egg, though I might be stretching;

    Kakashi uses purple eye strips/makeup which to me looked like what the inuzuka usually wear, but thinking about it, it was the same exact color as rins purple rectangle thingies

    Edit: well fuck, who’s cutting onions

  2. I have anatomical pictures of bones on my wall. Maybe he just thinks doctors office chic is cool lol

  3. That is a pretty good catch, I would’ve never noticed that. I did like this episode it was fun.

  4. Serious question – how can I watch naruto/boruto these days ? I left off with shippuden and would like to pick up where I left off

  5. >I know it’s filler

    Now what do you mean by “filler”? Because people use “filler” to mean “non-canon” at times.

    This episode is adapted directly from a Kishimoto story. He wrote and drew the story where Kakashi was unmasked. So the story isn’t non-canon. If you just mean “filler” in that in filled time and nothing else, then sure, as it interrupted the middle of the Kaguya fight.