Saw the other post and thought of a better way

Pick 2 to defend you from the rest.

Naruto max kcm 1
Sasuke has itachis eyes
Kage kakashi
Alive hashirama
Alive madara
Obito no rinnegan but both sharingan
Alive minato with NO KCM
Itachi with perfect eye sight
And regular jiraiya

This i feel is a better discussion then with adult sasuke and naruto.

Id say probably hashirama and minato. Probably transport to force 1v1s

Saw the other post and thought of a better way

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  1. Obito and Minato. Flying Rajin can work through dimensions so that’s the only way I remain safe.

  2. Naruto only would be enough. For he could always “convince” others by his language, and this is no way to defeat him!

  3. obito and madara. obito would take me into his seperate dimension which would keep me safe and if he has both sharingan then madara could run defence with his susano while obito picks off the rest with kakashis sharingan power targeting their heads only of course. obito would also have the perfect susano we saw kakashi use if he has both eyes which would keep him safe and up his offensive power.

  4. The answer remains obvious, hashirama and madara you should remove them if you want to make it interesting

  5. Madira and haseiama if it’s the form they in in the picture but if it was strongest form naruto and Kakashi