By acquiring rinnegan chakra you awaken rinnegan, so is it possible to awaken sharingan with sharingan chakra

Indra+ashura= rinnegan. So is it possible to awaken sharingan with chakra only

By acquiring rinnegan chakra you awaken rinnegan, so is it possible to awaken sharingan with sharingan chakra

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  1. Nope. The Sharingan is specific to the Uchiha. Its like a kekkai genkai that only Uchiha can awaken. The Rinnegan is kinda like the Sharingan of the Otsusuki. Madara who had Sharingan (aka Indra’s chakra) took some of Hashirama’s flesh (aka Ashura’s chakra) and combined it (aka Hagoromo/Otsusuki’s chakra) and awakened the Rinnegan.

  2. Ocular powers are a bloodline limit that’s a result of your chakra.

    Only an Uchiha can awaken a sharingan because it’s in their bloodline.

    Same can be said with the Rinnegan however it’s only a few rare people within the bloodline that can awaken a Rinnegan through a process of obtaining Hagoromo’o chakra.

    Even being Uchiha doesn’t mean you’ll awaken the sharingan and same with an Uchiha who obtains Hagoromo’o chakra as well.

    It doesn’t have to be Indra + Ashura, what’s needed is an Indra reincarnation to obtain Hagoromo’o chakra to awaken the rinnegan and even then it’s not guaranteed. Sasuke and Madara were the only reincarnates to succeed. People who are not reincarnates that obtain six paths chakra will result in a six paths power but with no rinnegan.

    The closer you are to Hagoromo’o the likely the outcome. Indra reincarnates are the only ones capable of possibly obtaining a Rinnegan than any other Uchiha or even Senju.

  3. You would probably have to be either Uchiha or blood related to the Uchiha (Like the Fūma from the Manga)

  4. No, the Sharingan is a Kekkei Genkai specific to the Uchiha, you can get a Sharingan by yoinking an Uchiha’s eyeball and slapping it in your face, but it is impossible for a non-Uchiha to awaken it

  5. Sharing = Kekkei Genkai –> DNA
    Without that not possible.

    Awakening Rinnegan without Sharingan DNA (hence Indra DNA) not possible either probably

  6. Nope. you need to be Uchiha to awaken sharingan

    using sharingan and awaken sharingan is two different things. anyone can use sharingan by taking already awaken sharingan from an Uchiha and slap it to your eye socket

    But only Uchiha able to awaken sharingan same applied with rinnegan. Nagato able to use Madara rinnegan because it’s not his own eye but he didn’t awaken it. Madara did

  7. You need ashuras body wirt indras eyes and chakra. Madara got the rinnegan from eating hashiramas flesh

  8. Nope. As explained by Tobirama, the brain of an Uchiha who’s experienced strong emotional loss releases a special form of chakra that affects their eyes. So, it’s not “Sharingan chakra”, it’s “Uchiha chakra”.

  9. Well, the only way to get sharingan chakra would be by transplanting someone’s sharingan into your eye, so I guess. But if it’s possible for a non Uchiha to get the sharingan chakra without the actual eye than no cause sharingan isn’t just the chajra it’s the Uchiha bloodline as well same goes for rinnegan you can’t just unlock it if u have indra and asura chakra you would also have to have an ems and than add asuras chakra than wait till they fuse to get rinnegan.

  10. Indra + Ashura = Hagoromo Chakra. He literally says this. There is no “rinnegan chakra”

    You need to be an Uchiha to awaken the sharingan. According to Tobirama who studied Madara’s body, the sharingan is the result of unique chakra Uchiha’s have.

  11. So if a non uchiha took sasuke’s chakra would they get the sharingan because he’s one of the reincarnations? That sounds like what you’re asking.

    No. It’s a BLOODline ability.