Madaras true potential was wasted.

Madara can use every element (chakra natures). He has Rinne- Sharingan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan, which gives him a huge advantage and he could theoretically use his Sharingan to copy anyones Rinnegan techniques (since he has six paths power) and he can absorb any jutsu that comes his way. He has Six paths: Chakra, Powers, Techniques, Senjutsu, Ying-Yang Release, and Truth Seeking Orbs. He can use Susanoo and control the NINE TAILS and TEN TAILS. He can bloodbend (water), use wood (kills vampires) and can get into anyone’s head with ease. He has every power of everyone of the Avatar. He is basically nature itself. With his sharingan he can copy anything anyone does and know their every move. If he used his true potential he would be impossible to even lay a finger on. he is immortal and heals very quickly (Rikudou Form) He is powerful enough to even beat Momoshiki with ease.

And before you say ” I wonder how powerful Hashirama would be if he had this power”. He wouldn’t even be close to Madaras strength as he has 3 of the most powerful dojutsu in the Naruto Verse. He can switch between his Sharingan and Rinnegan, allowing him to use so many abilities with his eyes alone (we already know this is true) Which amplifies his power 100x. And yes Hashirama has Sage Mode and wood style, but Madara already has wood style and Sage Mode is derived from nature and Madara is basically nature with all five elements, so he can easily learn it.

Madaras true potential was wasted.

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  1. No, he became an asspull. Most of those jutsu weren’t his, which was starting to make the fights boring and hopeless.