Obito in the final fight against Kaguya🔥🔥

✍️🗣️ Here we are just watching Naruto and Sasuke’s exploits in the final fight against Kaguya 😒, while forgetting that :

It’s thanks to Obito that Sakura is still alive 🔥: When Madara entered Obito’s dimension to retrieve the Rinnegan, Obito used his Kamui to save Sakura! 😬

It’s thanks to Obito that Sasuke is still alive 🔥: when Kaguya sent Sasuke into the desert, it was Obito who helped him get out of that sea..of 💪 (with the help of Sakura, whom he had saved before I remind you 😌). If Obito wasn’t there, Sasuke was going to starve in the desert! 😂

It’s thanks to obito that Naruto and kakashi are still alive 🔥: When Kaguya threw her stakes to disintegrate Naruto and Sasuke, it was Obito who saved Naruto by stepping in and taking the stake instead of Naruto 😬, and by the same token he saved Kakashi.💪

It was also thanks to Obito that Team 7 was able to defeat Ôtsusuki Kaguya 😊: If Obito hadn’t given his two Mangekyô Sharingan to Kakashi, who subsequently activated the susanoo to reach Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke wouldn’t have been able to seal Kaguya! 🙆

Respect to you Uchiha Obito!!! 🙌

Obito in the final fight against Kaguya🔥🔥

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