I knew this from Shisui, but from Minato too?

I knew this from Shisui, but from Minato too?

I knew this from Shisui, but from Minato too?

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  1. Minato for sure it is true but pretty sure Shisui is too young for the statement to apply too.

  2. Eh. This flee on sight order really only applied to fodder characters, which is 99% of the Shinobis. Majority of characters we follow through the series were OP.

    Fugaku had one, and given Orochimaru and Sakumo were considered for a Hokage position alongside Minato, due to their achievement during the war, they probably had it also.

    What im saying is, having flee on sight order doesn’t do much to tell us exactly how overpowered these characters were (especially given the fact Hanzo soloed not only Orochimaru but the other two sannin and their battalion alongside them, and Bee and Minato were close to dealing (presumably) fatal blows to each other)

  3. The rock did it to minato, and the mist did it to shisui they were the only 2 ninja to have a flee on sight order

  4. Minato had a Flee on Sight order from three nations. But the assumption for Shisui came from the anime in a canon episode. More specifically when Ao exposed Danzo of having a Koto-amatsukami eye showing us a flash-back with Ao’s squad encountering Shisui’s and stating they have to retreat as it’s Shisui the Teleporter

  5. [An Iwa jonin says it during Kakashi Gaiden.]( Not sure where it said that about Shisui though, might have been the anime or a novel.