If Minato was Hokage for a longer time, would he have prevented the Uchiha Massacre?

Additionally, what would Itachi and Shisui’s character become?

If Minato was Hokage for a longer time, would he have prevented the Uchiha Massacre?

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  1. Given all other events occur the same(given Minato lives and Kushina dies one way or another)

    I find it very hard to believe that Minato would’ve allowed the Uchiha situation spiral the way it did. Hiruzen allowed the Uchiha to be relocated to the edge of the village, their removal from the police force, in addition to the mass hysteria concerning the Ninetails attack. Given Hiruzen was willing to agree with Danzo and the Elders(Danzo especially who was just waiting for a resson) I don’t see Minato making the same mistake and atleast not giving into one of the two commands leading to Uchiha being resented but not to point of rebellion.

    Tensions would be high but not coup high. Itachi and Shisui would likely both live, given Danzo doesn’t have any radical plans. Itachi and Shisui should live a generally happier life, Itachi not unlocking Mangekyo the same way he did originally.

  2. Yes. Or at least prolonged it significantly. The village attack was basically the event that triggered the massacre into happening.

    If Minato was alive, he’d be able to vouch that the attacker wasn’t someone from the known clan. He also should have somewhat of a relationship with fugaku considering their wives are best friends.

    Honestly, that night, I will always say, Minato should have taken 10 seconds to go explain the situation to hiruzen and anbu at the barrier. That would have saved so much damage.

  3. Absolutely yes. Minato had a natural talent for reading people. With a glance he was able to determine what kind of person Killer Bee was and decided to spare his life because he thought he was a good dude. After one night of fighting Obito he was able to correctly and accurately predict what his intentions and goals were and what having a man like him lose in the world would mean.

    If Minato had lived, he’d have been able to clear the Uchiha clan of suspicion for the Kurama attack by capturing Obito using the mark he had placed on him. He was also a believer in Jiraiya’s philosophy of finding a path to peace and cooperation that would have greatly encouraged him to not discriminate against the Uchiha like Hiruzen did. Especially when the likes of Shisui and Itachi started rising to prominence after the Kurama incident.

    The only real factor I can’t account for is Kushina. I don’t know how much her dying would effect him, so I went with the assumption that this theoretical is one where she also lives.

  4. Yes. Firstly, uchihas were blamed for the kyuubi attack by the elders. That wouldnt happen.

    Secondly, danzo and others wouldnt dare defy minato. Especially considering how much stronger he’d get after 10 years.

    Thirdly, if uchihas actually tried a coup, a 30ish year old minato can destroy them and they would probably know it. So not just the danzo side but uchiha side would be afraid of minato too.

    But his power probably wouldnt even be needed. He almost befriended A and Bee. We can see how much A respected him when he fights naruto. Minato had the potential to build peace among villages. This is what jiraiya believed and even A believed jiraiya iirc. I dont doubt he could solve inner problems of the village peacefully.

  5. Minato said he might have been able to prevent it, personally i think he would be able to prevent it for sure, i can see him defeating all of the uchihas that night.. But, the uchihas most likely are going to end up attacking again with a different plan as long they stay in the village.

    If the uchihas get kicked out of the village i can see a lot of other villages trying to kill them to steal there eyes and increase there power, they most likely would end up like the uzumaki spread through the world and almost extinct, which is a better ending at the end of the day.

  6. I don’t think so to be hones. People like to pretend that Minato was morally supperior to other characters, but he didn’t become the most feared warrior in the world because of the goodness of his heart.

    Minato cared a lot for the ones he loved. But not about anyone else. He wasn’t the key to ending the 3rd Shinobi war by going on the battlefield and singing Kumbaya.

    Minato never showed any of Hiruzen’s compassion, and the reason he could never find peace and become the child of the prophecy was because he has nothing of Naruto’s empathy and understanding for the enemy.

    I don’t think he would just order for the whole clan to be massacred in their beds like Danzo, did, but he wouldn’t idly wait for Fugaku to attack him either.

    I think he would’ve tried to reason diplomaticaly with Fugaku, but if my guy didn’t listen on the first time, action would be taken. Minato wasn’t the kind of guy to sit around and talk. Maybe not something on the scale of the massacre, but surely there would’ve been a lot of deaths and imprisonment on the Uchiha side.

  7. If he was alive they wouldn’t have thought it was possible in the first place. That would’ve created the time to let Minato figure out a way to resolve the tensions.

    Also, it depends on Minato’s opinion of Danzo and if he can see through his elder shtick and see Danzo just covets the Sharingan.

  8. Yeah he’s the only one who knew that the Uchiha clan itself wasn’t involved. The main reason everything spiraled out of control was because the only info the villagers and leadership had was that the nine tails was controlled by a sharingan which led to the distrust. Also if Minato is there to vouch for them Fugaku would have an easier time standing up to the rest of the clan and stop the paranoid members to push for the coup.

  9. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this but there’s literally a filler arc which addresses this. Minato was able to talk down the Uchiha coup which thereby prevented the massacre.

  10. I don’t think minato was skilled enough politically to deal with danzo.
    Him surviving might make it worse since he would confirm it was an uchiha behind it.
    The only upside is he might have actually met with fugaku and promised them that an uchiha would be the fifth hokage and they can select that person, anything other than that offer would not be enough.

  11. No he couldn’t have if anything he’d have made it worst because he would have confirmed that an Uchiha was behind the nine tails attack meaning the hatred and distrust of them would be even worse.

  12. Only way I’d see it happen is if Danzo gets his hands on Shisui’s MS and uses Koto on Minato.

  13. Yep, definitely he would have.

    The problem with Hiruzen is that he had Danzo as his second in command, thus Danzo was allowed to make big decisions, THUS Danzo ordered Itachi to kill every Uchiha. Hiruzen trusted Danzo too much to make calls, while thw rest of the village did not trust Danzo at all, I doubt even Minato did.

    Minato would never have allowed Danzo to make such a call, if any calls at all.

    Also, Minato knew that the one who attacked the village was “Madara Uchiha”, a man not even the Uchiha clan is fond of. Had Minato held onto his life until Hiruzen got to him, he could have told him about Madara. Minato also would have definitely allowed the Uchiha into the Konoha council, aince they were a part of the village and had every right to be involved with the Village as much as everyone else. Their clan was a part of the founding after all.

    So yes, had Minato survived, the Uchiha would have prospered for a long time, Sasuke would have been a happy child and so on and so forth.

  14. My first thought is I wonder what would Minato do with Obito. He had him clearly bested. He marked him. After the 9 tails attack was completed, at some point he probably goes back to finish the job. If he does, Obito probably never goes on to lead the evil Akatsuki. The Akatsuki may still become evil, as Danzo and Hanzo wanted Yahiko dead. But Nagato wasn’t gonna choose the path of gathering all the tailed beasts.

    I think Minato would have gone on to the Uchiha leaders just to inform them that “Madara” was behind the attack, and to see if they had any Intel. Minato working directly with the Uchiha could have theoretically prevented the Uchiha from ever wanting to revolt. But let’s say it didn’t, I still think Minato doesn’t sit around aimlessly and allow Danzo to run the show. He would have been proactive with meeting the Uchiha, instead of having Itachi and Shisui play both sides. Let’s say for example if Itachi still performs the massacre due to Danzo’s demands. Minato doesn’t sit back and allow Danzo to remain a high ranking official. He would have probably exiled him from the village if not killing him outright.

  15. In my opinion Minato would have fared far better in dealing with the situation. During Hiruzen’s time there were kinda two Hokages. Danzo was the de-facto shadow hokage and was always meddling with the affairs. With Minato at the helm, I don’t think Danzo would have gotten much power to meddle in the internal affairs of the leaf.

  16. In short, yes. The entire reason the Uchiha were pushed to do a coup in the first place was because they were blamed for the nine tails attack and because of Danzo’s bullshit.

    Minato would be there to explain what happened and smooth things over. And he wouldn’t be anywhere near as lenient with Danzo as Hiruzen was. In fact, I give Danzo a year at most before he fucks up, Root is discovered, and Minato teaches him how and why he became the youngest Hokage.