Why Fugaku uchiha and shisui uchiha weren’t revived in the war arc?

For that instance, why do u think more uchihas weren’t revived by kabuto in war arc, i mean yeah not reviving shisui kind of makes sense as his reason can be same as jiraya, body wasn’t found after falling in river, but why not the other uchihas?

Why Fugaku uchiha and shisui uchiha weren't revived in the war arc?

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  1. Like…Why in the world is he the only person with his Sharingan turned on? Why is he glowering at the camera? Is he trying to genjutsu the cameraman or something?!

  2. For Shisui, it’s mentioned he destroyed his body before his death somehow so it’s similar to Jiraiya’s case.

    And for Fugaku, he simply wasn’t relevant until the novels made after the series was finished. Almost everything known about him comes from those novels, in the main series he was just never talked about.

  3. Obito didn’t let Kabuto revive as much people cause he didn’t want Kabuto to have too much control

  4. Because shisui was too strong 😂 remember how easy itachi broke free ??? Shisui breaking free would’ve been child’s play .. remember when shisui hit that one dudes team with genjustu from a distance without even looking at them ? . fugaku wasn’t needed itachi basically showed memories of his dad to sasuke .. would’ve been waste of space to bring him back again

  5. Obito took all the bodies. Hence, his massive collection of eyes. He wasn’t giving their Sharingans up to Danzo, nor Kabuto for a resurrection.

    Shisui’s completely removed his body, save for his eye, which Obito refused to give due to the fact that his MS could be an instant-war changer.

    TLDR: Too risky, mine, no.

  6. Shisui would be without eyes if he got revived, edo tensei revives you in the state you died in, shisui died without eyes.

  7. Idk why he didn’t but if he brought back shisui and sasukes parents it would’ve been gnarly to see them talk to sasuke and see what he’s become

  8. Im pretty sure Kabuto couldn’t get a piece of their body, because Shisiu destroyed his body when he died and wasn’t found (like Jiraya). imma be honest, im not sure abt Fugaku but I assume its Kabuto not finding his body or taking a piece.

  9. That’s a fair question considering that their bodies were most likely obtainable and intact. I would assume that it has something to do with dna obtainability but I don’t know why these two would be left out

  10. Shisui’s body was never retrieved

    I believe Itachi made sure his Dad’s body didn’t go to Obito as that would’ve caused trouble later on since he has MS? Although this is only 10% possible because Obito had access to every other sharingan