Who else agrees that Adult Naruto still looks handsome and the haircut actually fits him well? Our boy still looks great imo.

Hinata’s man is still fine, even with the buzz cut.

Who else agrees that Adult Naruto still looks handsome and the haircut actually fits him well? Our boy still looks great imo.

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  1. He looks fine, it’s the lack of a headband that really throws people off.

    Though I will say the “Gutsy Shinobi” Naruto look is the best version of Adult Naruto in my opinion.

  2. I just think he looks boring. Hair is too tidy and his clothes are bland. He has so much personality and I feel like it got stripped in this design.

  3. Everyone wants him to be a clone of Minato

    It’s good that he has a more distinct cut

    It’s Gaara that got done dirty

  4. He looks so domesticated in boruto and I love it, so handsome. He’s a family man now, a dad with a family. It’s sweet.

  5. I think a huge factor in the reason his face is still passable is the indents/markings near the inner eye. It shows he’s seasoned, wise (in a battle sense, he still stupid), and has a bit of a brooding look. It suits him. Our boy has been through a lot, and we’ve been through a lot with him. He was a brother to us all.

  6. He should have a crazy haircut. It’s not the real world, it’s a world where hair like Kakashi’s, Minato’s and Jiraiya’s exist. But somehow Naruto is like “nah I don’t want to look weird when I go to my 2023 real world office”.

    The Boruto artwork nerfs every man’s handsomeness somehow, except Konohamaru, but that’s because he’s competing against his ugly tween self.

    His eyes almost seem the wrong blue.

  7. He’s still real cute and handsome but they should have kept his longer hairstyle. I think Naruto’s hair looked the best during the time he was with Princess Shion and he was fluffing his hair or something.

  8. Honestly at this point when I thinks about Naruto the first one that comes to my mind is adult Naruto and not Teen Naruto anymore

  9. I agree, adult Naruto [looks really good](

  10. I think that the fact that the rest of the characters grew up with the same haircut and that they changed Naruto, Gaara and Hinata just show how they failed to make them grew with their original haircuts.

  11. I think sometimes it’s good and others it’s not, people showed the difference between Kishimoto’s design from the anime and the new writer I forgot that name lol

    Kishimoto’s design was way better tbh

  12. Said this because I sometimes see folks on Twitter trying to say Naruto’s ugly and i just think they’re joking. Ugly where? Look at his side profile man.

  13. He has a very normal haircut, you just can’t go wrong with it so I’m not sure about the hate either

  14. He looks great when he’s drawn correctly and not like a creature. I don’t mind the buzz cut anymore.

  15. [What could have been](

  16. I’m fine with the hair it’s the fact that he doesn’t wear his headband when his hat is off, it was always a big deal for him to have it on in OG and Shippuden, but now he just got rid of it

  17. It’s such a boring haircut honestly that rarely looks good. The reason a lot of folks keep going on about wishing he had longer hair is because it makes sense for his character and fits him more

  18. At times he looks fine, *at others* he looks like a disformed version of Minato. I much prefer his manga cut that’s just ever so slightly more clean

  19. He’s supposed to have his mothers rounder face but I do think longer hair would have been better,