Naruto is the most overrated MC of anime

Out of the big three anime’s Naruto is the most coddled mcs out of all of them. He was given the most overpowered abilities for absolutely no reason and should’ve died in the final battle against sasuke. Every aspect of that fight was plot armour d*ick riding the f*ck out of Naruto. After both Sasuke and Naruto RAN out of chakra he magically gets more because why the f*ck not. Furthermore he gets that sh*t stolen and after being completely depleted in energy, strength and chakra he somehow manages to hit sasuke with the meanest upper cut I’ve ever seen. Like how does that happen. He should have been dead right there. After all of that bs In boruto you can see him getting totally b*tched by every single enemy you see throughout the show and during his fight with Jigen the sh*t that kishimoto pulls is absolutely egregious. How the f*ck does he sacrifice his plot armour for MORE F*CKING PLOT ARMOR. How in the F*CK does Baryon mode become a thing, his a*s was getting beat and he somehow had the power to overcome the biggest obstacle they have ever seen. No other mc could do this bs. Naruto is the most overrated MC ever.

Naruto is the most overrated MC of anime

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  1. I actually see people rate Naruto pretty low as MC lol, besides Boruto wasn’t written by Kishimoto, he’s just there as supervisor.

    also your complaint is just explaining what basically the tropes in shonen anime

    if you think Naruto is ridiculous, try watching Fairy Tail

  2. Bro what so ichigo and goku don’t count? They got the most asspull power ups but since they are cool they get a pass??