What does Naruto mean to you?

I’m a 25 year old guy that just recently stumbled upon Naruto. About a year ago I was working out and pain’s theme randomly came on. After weeks of listening to it (thinking it was an absolute banger) I decided to give the show a try.

Long story short.. I absolutely loved it. While I’m not done yet (just started the kazekage rescue arc) I already know everything that happens.

Anyway I was thinking about everything I’ve watched up until this point and was just blown away at kishimoto’s ability to display deep philosophical themes in all of his arcs and characters.

So my question is… what does Naruto mean to you? How has the show effected you? And why has it made such a deep impact that even now people actively participate in the community? Trying to figure out the hidden lore we don’t have info on and all that.

Absolutely would love to hear what you guys have to say. I know the Naruto community gets a lot of flack and everyone always argues about power scaling and character battles and all that, but I genuinely believe, as a new comer that this is one of the best tight knit communities I’ve ever been apart of.

What does Naruto mean to you?

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  1. An iconic anime that I grew up watching, with some of the most incredibly written characters in all entertainment mediums including movies.

  2. Naruto taught me a lot

    In many ways it helped define the mind set I have today and my moral compass

    Words really aren’t enough to define what this series truly is to me but in some ways it was like a guiding light

  3. Naruto was the first manga that I seriously got interested in. Sure I had watched Pokémon as a kid and also read Weed manga and some Soul Eater, but Naruto was the first one I bought every new issue for when I was a little kid. When I became a teenager that “anime is so dorky” attitude got the better of me but when I became an adult and randomly stumbled upon Naruto again I fell in love with it all over again. I have to seriously thank my grandparents for accidentally buying me my first Naruto manga as without them I probably wouldn’t have even picked it up.

  4. My whole childhood and teen years were me coming home from school just for the right time to watch the new naruto episode each week. It was just awesome to say bye to my best friend and we both ran home to watch it and talk about it on the phone or the day after. We often met after school to play Naruto as well, he always played Kisame and ran around with a big stick as his sword and i played Itachi or Deidara hahah it was cringe to look at probably but we had so much fun 🙂

  5. An 8/10 show that gets bumped up to a 9 thanks to nostalgia. The manga is in the realm of legends though, easily in the top 10 shonen.

  6. Naruto helped me get through highschool. I was a loner, my mom and step dad both worked overnight (from around 6PM-6AM). I also didn’t have many friends because I was pretty shy. I spent most of my nights gaming and watching Naruto. It was more of something I could try to relate to (him being alone to grow up, struggling to make friends, etc.) than just a show. I’m now 29 and still to do this day follow Naruto/Boruto, watch theory videos on YouTube, and continue to buy all the games lol

  7. Watching Naruto made me think about how peace is just an illusion (in regards to the real world) and how Pain was right.

  8. Grew up with the guy, he’s been in my heart ever since which is why I hate Boruto. Show respect to my man ..

  9. Never give up, no matter what gets in your way. Keep running and keep fighting! Believe it!

  10. A very formative anime for me. Actually scratch that, a very formative experience period! I started OG Naruto when I was around the same age as the characters, shortly after my mom passed away. The messages about loneliness being a source of strength, seeing other kids who were similarly lonely, and then finding new people to love and care about–on top of the escapism of watching cool-ass shinobi do their shit–it all brought me much needed joy and validation.

  11. Becaus of him I got a referral because I did the 1000 years of death finger thing but I would not of Ben where I am if Naruto was ent a thing

  12. You lucky little… trade memories so I can experience it new again?

    This picture pretty much sums it up. Naruto is just fun to be with and infectious. The voice actor was so good for the role. You need an iconic voice for an iconic character.

  13. its what really got me into anime. I was already into Pokemon and DBZ having been born in the mid-90s but when Naruto hit the US I was like 10
    and its what made me realize anime is a Japanese thing which led me down a rabbit hole for pretty much the rest of my life

  14. Naruto was the first anime I ever watched, when it was airing on Cartoon Network back when I was in middle school. A lot of my friends were watching as well and we’d talk about the show as it was coming out during lunch and recess, I still can vaguely recall all the debates about who was going to fight who during the chunin exams. It was great and because of that the series has always been special to me. I won’t say it’s my favorite anime at this point, Cowboy Bebop took that position a long time ago, but I still enjoy rewatching the fights and chilling in my nostalgia, and every so often I’ll rewatch the show again or reread the manga

  15. Please let us know what you think about it as it goes on because if you’re thinking all of this now I can’t wait for later on in the show

  16. A mostly great show that it took me like 15 years to actually watch from when I first saw it when I was younger

  17. Part of my childhood. Started naruto at 14 and finished shippuden around 21 rewatched more times than i can remember. Im 27 now and havnt actually watched a episode in many years. But even still i catch myself sometimes replaying scenes in my head at random times. Dont think ill ever forget naruto or shippuden for the rest of my life even if i “move on” from the genre.

  18. A fun top 5-6 anime series that really surprised me with how invested I became into it by the time I had finished the Tenchi Bridge Arc funny enough.

  19. was the one thing that stopped me from kms for 2 years. Refused to die without watching every single episode. Now my friends joke to me that “woah You can’t give up cause Naruto wouldn’t” haha

    Kinda helps lol

    Edit: Also just want to say that it made me fall in love with Kishimoto’s art and my art probably would’ve been pretty different now haha if I never watched it

  20. Best piece of fiction!!
    One piece isn’t completed yet so I can’t say it wouldn’t suck up in the end although I hope not.

    And i like to give you the best advice, Don’t ever watch boruto it’ll ruin your Naruto experience

  21. It was the second manga I read and the first anime I watched. I still love it, even years after getting into it. It reminds me to never give up. 🍥