Who’s beating Shisui & Prime Itachi if you don’t include Naruto & Sasuke ?

Who’s beating Shisui & Prime Itachi if you don’t include Naruto & Sasuke ?

Who's beating Shisui & Prime Itachi if you don't include Naruto & Sasuke ?

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  1. Madara pulled out a Susano’o with no eyes. One eye isn’t really that special, plus, Shisui’s Susano’o isn’t even canon.

  2. Gai, Madara, Izuna, Hashirama, Minato, Bee, Pain, Obito, DMS kakashi, The Third Raikage, Tobirama, Adult Sakura, Adult Gaara, Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, Damon , any and every character with the last name Otsusuki, the list goes on.

    They are basically fodder by the middle of war arc

  3. I mean an anbu killed shisui pretty easy. Dude was not very good.

    Also thats a non canon susano.

  4. Whats Shisui gonna do? Make another filler of him not being Itachi’s plot device backup eyes😭

    Madara destroys them both at once, could probably do it while blind

  5. Ima say it: Shisui is incredibly overhyped. His mangekyou power isn’t even that good

  6. Isshiki

  7. Madara, Juubi or not, Obito, Juubi or not, Hashirama, Minato, Guy, Kakashi, Sakura, Kabuto(His Sage mode is absolutely busted), Any Otsutski, Daemon, Jigen, Code, Borushiki and Kawashiki. Basically any top of mid-high tier character would beat them

  8. There’s tons of people that would beat prime shishui and prime Itachi.

    Let’s do Bee and Hinata’s Dad.

  9. I mean not that impressive. Once an Uchiha has activated their Susanoo, they can use it even if they don’t have their own eyes.

  10. Man i hate these types of debates. What does “prime shisui” look like. I woule love to know.

  11. Edo Madara slaps them both into the ground, and, and Revived Madara coughs on them a little to hard and they die. Shisui really only has Kotoamatsukami which is stronger but has requirements which make it very situation. Madara has a far better Susanoo than Itachi or Shisui, and has Wood clones which can put out **THERE OWN INDIVIDUAL SUSANOO**, wood style and if we count the storm games (because we’re counter filler I guess), also has the ability to reverse time. It’s also possible that Madara wouldn’t even be affected by Kotomatsukami since he has the Rinnegan, which pretty much makes anyone who has them completely immune to Genjutsu (source, Rinnegan users surviving the infinite Tsukuyomi, the stronger genjutsu in all of Naruto).

  12. Nagato, Obito, Madara, DMS Kakashi, Gai, kaguya, Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato, just off the top of my head.

    If you mean both together, then you can probably remove Nagato from the list (I think he beats Itachi 100%, but I don’t think he can handle both of them at once).

    But the others would most likely even beat them both.

  13. Pain, Nagato, Obito, Madara, every space alien….

    Also in the case of Shishui apparently a much weaker Danzo than five Kage summit Danzo is enough to neg him so there’s that

  14. Madra’s Sharingan was so powerful he didn’t even need them to activate his Susanoo

  15. Minato, Hashirama, Kaguya,DMS Kakashi, MS Kakashi, Isshiki, Borushiki, Kurama, Gyuki, Shukaku, Killer B, Pain, Nagato Edo, Ramen guy, Base Momoshiki, Fused Momoshiki, Madara, Obito, Akamaru, Toneri and I don’t wanna hurt my brain by thinking of anyone else so take this how you want.

  16. Together? Sage Kabuto is a safe choice.

    Individually, shisui is relative to danzo across all mediums that he’s shown in so 5ks sasuke beats him.

    For Itachi, white mask obito beats him solidly, especially if he has the edo jinchuriki

  17. Madara EMS and Obito MS took on them.

    I’m sure there is others people who can do it but i don’t want to list them because i’m lazy