Itachi as sensei

I’m working on a Naruto Fanfiction series. The prequel to it will have three chapters, at best, since it is a prequel that leads up to the main storyline with my OC—the daughter of Kakashi and another OC, introduced in the prequel.

I talked to a friend about who to put as her sensei when she becomes a genin, and he likes the idea of putting her and Naruto in the same squad under Itachi. Mostly because Naruto learning Itachi’s great clone explosion is highly appealing to him, for some odd reason.

I, on the other hand, like Shisui or Asuma more for the role of sensei. Putting either one of them as Jōnin sensei would be reason enough to have Shikamaru as their third teammate. Thoughts? I’m open to suggestions.

Itachi as sensei

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  1. Listen I see an Uchiha and simp. Shisui or Itachi, but preferably both at some point.

    Elaborating more on this: Itachi has the right amount of patience for Naruto.

    And Shisui would just exasperate Naruto’s goofball self.

    Either is a win.

  2. I just wanna say Itachi would have been a FANTASTIC sensei. What a asset to the Leaf he would have been.

  3. Itachi literally taught as much as Kakashi did to naruto if not more.. He would have been a great sensei to team 7..just imagine he teaches Sasuke all about sharingan, he can actually teach a lot to Sakura about chakra contro, how to break even tougher genjutsu and tainutsu too.. And he can teach so many things to Naruto from being calm in situations to breaking genjutsu to kunai handling skills etc

  4. Itachi would put Naruto in tsukiyomi and make it seem like 30 years so Naruto can master every technique possible and prolly get some brain damage

  5. Shisui definitely more of a teacher. Itachi lone wolf. Not that he can’t have a moment or two where he does some crazy stuff and someone watches him and emulates it.

    But Shisui seemed kind patient and understanding. (Assuming you’ve seen the anime)

    Student: I can’t do it sensei *cries*

    Shisui: never give up on your dreams, shoot for the stars! *kotoamatsukami!!*

    Student: you’re right, I’ll never give up!!’

    Shisui: works every time