Wait, there’s actually a third Bushy Brow?!

Wait, there’s actually a third Bushy Brow?!

Wait, there's actually a third Bushy Brow?!

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  1. Yes, his name is Pac Lee. I’m serious that is a real character. It’s from a Rock Lee spinoff series but they adapted him into this scene in the anime, he’s supposedly one of the members of the Suicide Corps in The Last that splits the meteor in half after they all go into the 5th or 6th Gate.

  2. That’s Lee’s estranged future wife.

    As far as Metal is concerned, she’s unrelated to him as he was conceived by Lee asexually. Asexual reproduction is the Lee clan’s Hiden Jutsu and Kekkei Genkai.

  3. Hey hey hey, guys, we can’t reallllllyyy rule out that it’s not a girl and not Metal Lee’s mom💀

  4. I imagine they copy and paste ninjas and slightly change their appearance to boost the army’s appearance . Movies do this with crowds and large armies. They literally just copy and paste people

  5. That is Pac Lee there another one as well called sock Lee then you have Metal Lee. Also there Might Duy. So there 6, 2 from the Might clan and 4 from the Lee Clan

  6. Animator : I dont have time for drawing a new face , let’s combine some pre-existing one.

  7. With the existence of Pac Lee and the fact that the data book states that Rock Lee is a foreigner who traveled great distance to attend the leaf’s academy implies that there is probably a village somewhere in the land of fire where an entire Lee clan makes its home. Wether they are all ninja like some of the other clans we see in the show is unlikely but the chance they all have bushy brows is definitely likely and that makes me happy:)