who do you think have the highest battle iq between these monsters

who do you think have the highest battle iq between these monsters

who do you think have the highest battle iq between these monsters

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  1. When you realize that Hashirama doesn’t even need battle IQ…

    (Actually, the wooden clone maneuver he used against Madara was quite decent)

  2. I have to go with Minato. What he did to Obito after like a minute of fighting was insane.

  3. Minato, he fought obito once and countered his ability after seeing it right away. Kakashi was given the most screen time for him to show us his iq, itachi always felt like he was running the show especially after beating kabuto. I think jiraiya is a bit unlucky being compared to everyone here since he was never hailed/ known to be a genius or prodigy. Hashirama and Madara where good but not on the level of those 3 imo, in terms of battle iq.

  4. actually a good question, heart wants me to say Kakashi/Itachi but mind tells me Minato/Madara

  5. Tobirama should be here instead of hashirama or at least along with them. Hard to deny the genius of any of these characters but Minato 100% he was born to a powerful clan but his intelligence allowed him to create the rasengan and perfect the flying rajin so I say minato

  6. Itachi was always 2 steps ahead of his opponents. He could predict what they would do and have a counter for it ready.

    Kakashi is quick on his feet, analyzes and adjusts his fight plans on the fly.

  7. Imo it’s up to personal opinion between Minato, Itachi, and Kakashi.

    Madara is smart but he had enough chakra to spam susano and AOE jutsu so he didn’t need to always be on his A-Game mentally like the previously listed characters do. It’s the same with hashirama but for him we have even less info on his intelligence and he seems to be less smart than madara. With Jiriaiya he is smart but is never stated to be a genius if I remember quickly. He’s more a parallel to Naruto where he has amazing battle instincts but he’s no Sasuke/itachi where he’s setting up multi-part plans constantly on the fly.

  8. I’d go with Madara. He grew up when there was constant war and still always chose violence. And he grew very old too which probably gave him a lot more experience than the others.
    But if we put them all at around 30 years old, kakashi would have the biggest battle iq I think

  9. Minato with second being Itachi and Madara.

    Minato took down Tobi who was clearly Kage level in strength already in literally an instant. Had he not had to worry about the 9 tails he could’ve unmasked or killed him if he wanted. He also did this with 0 help.

    Itachi gets second because of how quickly he was able to help naruto and bee take down Nagato. Someone whose strength was overwhelming with all paths of pain inside him. But he did have help.

    Madara gets third over a general battle sense and how he treated his techniques as an edo tensei (killing himself with the meteor to destroy everyone else. Also his IQ really comes forth with the battle vs 5 Kage as he clearly was toying with them and teaching them a lesson

    The rest could interchange but I’d be inclined to put Kakashi last as he really does get caught a lot in battle moments

  10. Itachi because he had a plan to counter and man he had never met and a jutsu that he didn’t even know existed

  11. Itachi managed to instantly shut down Edo Nagato’s summonings and his chibaku tensei before sealing him pretty fucking quickly

  12. Minato. Kashasi and itachi are right underneath I’d say. Jiraiya kinda just wings it, and Madara/Hashirama seem to just rely on overwhelming power

  13. I’d say Itachi. Most, if not all, of his battles are very calculating. Every time he fight someone, it’s like he’s totally in control. It’s to the point where he’s not even fighting to win anymore but to do something else. His fight with Kabuto isn’t to beat Kabuto but to make Kabuto accept his own fate. He didn’t just defeat Kabuto. He changed Kabuto. The same with his fight against Sasuke. He didn’t want to defeat Sasuke but save Sasuke from Orochimaru’s curse. He fight with Naruto to planted the crow into Naruto so that it will be used on Sasuke later on. Whereas everyone else fight very hard to beat their opponent, to him, victory is secondary. He fight to implement a goal. If you ask me, that’s just a totally different level of fighting.

  14. The lack of Itachi in the comments is crazy. He’s outsmarted or outplayed every opponent he’s ever come across. Always a plan, always a strategy, always two steps ahead. Not to downplay the likes of Minato or Kakashi, who would be 2nd and 3rd respectively, but Itachi’s battle IQ is out of this world. I think a lot of people have started downplaying Itachi as a response to all the Itachi fans always overrating him

  15. If we can assume they are for a period of time unclouded by and human desire; love, hate, fear, greed, power.. it’s a tough call.

    Madara has had the longest time to gain knowledge and wisdom,
    both Hashirama and Jaraiya seem a bit clueless at first but have a definite knowledge of Zen wisdom for reality and happiness,
    Kakashi can copy jutsu an Instant and has always been a prodigy same as itachi.

    Hmmm. Honestly I think in IQ it would be itachi. Wisdom and knowledges as a whole is a different matter

  16. Probably itachi or kakashi from what we’ve seen. Madara seems like the obvious answer but he doesn’t have nearly as many or as impressive battle iq feats as those two. Same goes for Minato, who otherwise would’ve been first or second.

  17. I’d say coin flip between itatchi or Minato. Madera is definitely in the running.. Maybe kakashi. but a theoretical shogi/go tornament between them I think it would come down to Minato and Itatchi who are implied to be the smartest characters in the series and even then I think they’d trade game for game.

  18. Very hard to say. XD Think it would’ve been easier if the Second Hokage was up there.

    If we are assuming battle IQ referring to predicting an opponent’s pattern and weakness and learning an array of jutsu to cover various situations… I think Kakashi has the win. He isn’t by far the most powerful on this list, but he possesses the battle IQ to contend with them. His jutsus are able to cover a wide array of skills and tools which prove helpful in combat. Someone tries to hide from him. Sharigan to save the day. They blinded him in that aspect, his dog patrol can sniff them out and pin the target. They can be used to track as well. Able to withstand genjutsu and perform it when necessary. Skillfully can manipulate and use his chakra to make lightning copies which could stun his enemies if they get too close, lightning line to mow through hordes of enemies, and the lightning blade to finish off too close of combatants. He possesses long range jutsu as well as defensive ones to help increase his arsenal of tricks. Unlike some of the others above he doesn’t possess the same level of chakra. Always aware of how little his can be to the others and measuring it throughout the battle. Supplementing that weakness with the application of ninja tools and (when available) allies to win the fight.

    That being said Itachi is a close second, buuuuuuuuuuuuut I can see a point for every one of these guys XD


    1.) Not an Itachi stan, but Itachi is clearly the most battle IQ’ed strategist, in every fight, he is already planned his win/defeat. (Itachi v. Sasuke, Itachi v. Nagat, Itachi v. Kisame, Itachi v. Kakashi/Team 7)

    2.) Minato. He seems to need to fight an opponent for a few seconds or minutes before he understands how to defeat the opponent. (Minato v. Obito (Pre Edo), Minato v. Obito (Pre-Edo) He relies lot on his teleportation to get out of a tight spot.

    3.) Jiraya. Jiraya seems to know the exact techniques to use and when to use them. He doesn’t pace himself well in fights a lot which often leads him to rush his defense/attack with limited reaction time (Jiraya v. Pain, Jiraya v. Orochimaru)

    4.) Kakashi. Kakashi is a fighter who looks for an opening. Instead of planning around an opponent, Kakashi coordinates himself in a way to fight into the puzzles rather then building one around himself. He mostly fights defensively and does more of surprise attacks when deciding to plan things out.

    6.) Yes….six the God of Shinobi himself (my fav character too…) but Hashirama as far as I have seen don’t plan out anything. Like Madara, Hashirama relies on his brute overwhelming strength. He is betrayed a hundred times by his friend/enemy and doesn’t show much of ion before him. Instead of planning how to evade an attack his advance movement aided by his Sharingan and speed will allow him to make many foolish otherwise deadly mistakes (if you’re not Madara).

    6.) Yes….six the God of Shinobi himself (my fav character too…) but Hashirama as far as I have seen don’t plan out anything. Like Madara, Hashirama relies on his brute overwhelming strength. He is betrayed a hundred times by his friend/enemy and doesn’t show much of an IQ when it comes to fighting. But if we were talking about strategic war IQ, thats a different story.

    I love all these characters, this is just my take on them. When I think of Battle IQ I think of spontaneous micro corrections, planning in the moment, and strategizing on how to take the opponent down

  20. Madara. He was like a general leading his clan. Hashirama too but he had support from Tobirama.

  21. Sasuke, Tobirama, and Orochimaru had the best battle feats, especially Sasuke (izanagi battle, cornering orochimaru, and daidara battle and the manner in which he directed the kabuto battle are head and shoulders above all the others), and they aren’t even on the list.

    Minato hasn’t even done anything special. Why’s he here? Same for Itachi. Hashirama’s pointless, too.

  22. Remove the first and get tobirams in there. In the 4th war you see scenes when Minato had no idea what to Do and Tobiram react’s faster already with a Plan

  23. Either Madara or Kakashi. But I’m gonna go with Kakashi because his battle IQ is the sole reason he’s such a talented ninja. The others have insane jutsu’s and chakra levels