How do some of y’all in the year of our lord 2022 not understand this?

How do some of y’all in the year of our lord 2022 not understand this?

How do some of y’all in the year of our lord 2022 not understand this?

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  1. For those who are confusing it. SPSM has nothing to do with the Kurama cloak.

    When Naruto first kicks away Madara’s truthseeker orb he is in SPSM. There is no “base” SPSM.

    There is simply SPSM, and then Naruto activate KCM2 on top of it.

  2. also why would he just lose six paths sage mode?

    Hagoromo didn’t say it was just a temporary thing, nor did he take it away after kaguya was defeated

  3. Honestly, the only reason I can believe adult Naruto had six paths is because he used the lava Rasen shuriken. But I don’t understand the design decision. Did the sun deal give him the appearance? Then again, Sasuke didn’t get any kind of new form aside from perfect susanoo of course. Most likely because Naruto had the Chakra of all the tailed beasts.

  4. Let’s put it up this way, there is a cloak version and a sage mode version which can be stacked up together. Sage mode can be normal toad sage mode(w/pigmentation) or six paths sage mode(w/o pigmentation). The cloak can be absent, KCM1, KCM2, or rikudo cloak. The one in the lower left isn’t KCM2. It is rikudo cloak of Juubi Jins which comes usually with flight and TSB. Naruto was able to use it because he had pieces of all nine biju and was practically a pseudo juubi jin. I Agree with the rest!

  5. Nah I’m STILL not buying it. Narutos face was not covered in chakra w the sun seal truth seeker mode

    But it is covered w Kurama chakra like kcm2 before six paths sun seal

    Not that anyyyyy of this matters anymore. Sage mode only lets GO

  6. The bottom left isn’t KCM 2…

    His golden transformation is a cloak bred out of all Bijuu actively granting him access to their depth of chakra, like Kurama.

    KCM 1 – Naruto utilitizing forcefully extracted chakra from Kurama without further access or cooperation.

    KCM 2 – Costume shift due to now wielding a massive overabundance of chakra that Kurama has actively granted to him.

    Golden Cloak – ALL Bijuu granting him active access to their full chakra pools in order to rid of the current threat, notice how prior to entering his cloak (whilst in normal SPSM) when attacking Madara with the Lava style rasenshuriken he needed to directly ask Son Goku to infuse chakra into him. Once the cloak turns on, he uses all nature’s manually.

    This is a prerequisite to wielding SPSM and grants him his; Access to every chakra nature + Bijuu Kekkei Genkai & flight (potentially).

    Toad Sage Mode – Natural acquisition of nature energy through toad Sage training.

    Six Paths Sage Mode – The same exact thing, now infused with the divine chakra that is Six Paths Chakra.

    This is what grants him his; TSO, enhanced sensory & overall physical stats buff & flight (potentially – it’s one or the other, possibly both)

    Yang Seal – THIS is what makes war arc Naruto a problem. It is simply Hagoromos overabundance of pure Yang.

    This is what grants him; One half of Creation of All Universal Things (Which is what’s acts as his “healing” ability), Comprehension of All Universal Things (An innate divine mind state that Naruto is in during this time that grants him inherent mastery over all ways to use his own chakra – Which is why he could spam all Bijuu chakra without practice, give Kakashi a new eye without being able to explain it & why he pulls up to the battlefield and states “Idk what it is, but I feel like I can change everything now”) & half of the Six Paths Chibaku Tensei.

    Naruto as an adult only has access to SPSM + KCM2, it was not a reskin, he does not have the Golden Cloak nor it’s abilities. Reason being, the Bijuu after the war no longer actively offer the depth of their chakra to Naruto – when he uses an ability of theirs it is similar to the application of KCM1 where he is simply drawing on a piece of pre obtained chakra.

    There’s an episode about the Bijuu not caring about helping Naruto within the anime (Which we all know is considered canon no matter how much y’all hate the term “anime canon”), despite them being hunted by Urashiki an Ootsutsuki they wouldn’t take a measley five minutes out of their days to simply appear in Narutos mind and have a conversation – So I don’t see him ever using that Golden Cloak again unless he calls for their help mentioning that Kurama is gone, which still may not work considering he wouldn’t have the 9th Bijuu.

    The significance of his Golden Form has ALWAYS been that he was essentially the Psuedo 10 tails Jinchuriki by being the wielder of all 9 Tailed Beasts.

    It goes back to the OG orange with simply a different look to it because he is now only dwelling on Kurama chakra, albeit, Yin/Yang Kurama chakra together.

  7. Base six paths sage mode? You don’t see Kurama’s eyes there? If it was just sage mode, it would’ve been a subtraction sign, not a plus sign. He doesn’t have KCM there, but it’s not base either, he’s using Kurama chakra there.

    And you forgot to mention six paths senjutsu and in the 4 panels you provided, Naruto has it in only one of them

  8. Despite OP being right because in order for you to have the hermit Sage mode you need the pigment around your eyes, the way people use name each mode is just dumb as shit.

    Kcm 1 and Kcm 2? Why do you need a whole sentence for that?

    Just call it how the manga calls it

    Kcm = kyubi chakra mode
    Km = Kurama mode
    Bsm = Biju state SageMode
    Rsm = Rikudou SageMode or Six path SageMode.

    This Kcm 1 and Kcm 2 talk is stupid as shit, the manga already has a name for each transformation, so let’s use it

  9. Some don’t understand it, because if I have a plastic gun that looks just like a gun, but doesn’t shoot bullets, then I’t not a gun.

    Adult Naruto doesn’t have orange atound his eyes, cool. But this is NOT rikudo. Rikudo gives you powers that he doesn’t have. Rikudo gives a very specific marking in your back that he doesn’t have. Rikudo gives you a unique type of Senjutsu that can’t be absorbed, and he does not have that.

    Not having marking around his eyes because the artist forgot them (like he forgot for Naruto’s kids Byalugans) doesn’t make Naruto a rikudo sage. If he had these powers, he’d use them and talk about it.

  10. I don’t keep up with Boruto, but out of curiosity, does Naruto still have 6PSM after losing Kurama?

  11. well for one, there is no KCM 2, its bijuu mode.. as called like, 20 times over the manga. secondly, there is no base six paths sage mode. the one without the cloak IS six paths sage mode. he can add a cloak to it just like he can add bijuu mode to sage mode.

  12. The 2nd pic is not Base Sage of Six Paths Mode.

    It is when he uses Kurama’s chakra partially alongside other Bijuus as he still has Kurama’s vertical line in his eyes.

    And even novel states that Naruto needs 9 bijuus to use SO6P Mode which was proven right after losing Kurama

  13. I think the boruto movie was when I found out he can switch weather he uses six paths or not because in naruto the last he just had the pigments around his eyes 🤣

  14. Idk man I always thought when Naruto and Sasuke lost their arms it messed with their powers a bit.

  15. Yea, the main reason people think he doesn’t have it now is because he doesn’t have tso, doesn’t really fly, and his skin turns yellow like regular kcm2 but that could be attributed it to his connection with all 9 tailed beast, where kn boruto he merely has their chakra and not their full consciousness, corrrct me if I’m wrong tho, oh also now naruto has full kurama; the way his form looks it’s kinda like they stopped separating kcm1 and 2 since now his design doesn’t resemble any of the states from the war, maybe that’s also due to having the full kurama

  16. These pictures just remind me of how sick/badass naruto was in the war lol sick panels especially teen kcm2 spsm

  17. There is no KCM2+SPSM. The cloak design of SPSM is not at all what that of KCM2 is (at least in shippuden). Such a stacking would not make sense to begin with, as KCM2 is inferior in every possible way.