ペイン //// Oil pastel & digital work

ペイン //// Oil pastel & digital work

ペイン //// Oil pastel & digital work

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  1. Referenced the distinct animation style used on ep 167 of Shippuden during the seminal Pain and Naruto fight, where the linework is very loose and fluid to show Pain’s velocity.

  2. If you like that style, that’s cool. The way it came out of nowhere, I found that style to be really jarring and silly looking. Like suddenly anime became looney tunes. I was suddenly wondering if I was watching a fake episode or something.

    I think it was a cool choice that Naruto fight scenes were often done by different animators, but that one in particular was a strange one to me.

  3. I think this style really helped convey the emotions felt by the characters during the fight but obviously they don’t look so great with the frames frozen

  4. The anime have many disasters like to this for manga content but fillers gets wxtra polish …. After the manga finished I skipped the anime entirely.

  5. Very nice!! I remember when this particular sequence (the face warping) was everywhere lmao. regardless of what you thought of that scene you were gonna hear about it.