someone pls tell me i’m not the only one who remembers kagami uchiha

someone pls tell me i’m not the only one who remembers kagami uchiha

someone pls tell me i’m not the only one who remembers kagami uchiha

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  1. He was on friendly terms with and a teammate of Tobirama Senju, as well as ancestor to Shisui Uchiha.

    Hiruzen once mentioned Shisui reminded him of Kagami, upon which Shisui modestly replied he was nowhere as skilled as his ancestor.

  2. I remember him and really want to know what his genjutsu was. I think Shisui said that his dojutsu was more powerful than Kotoamatsukami, I can’t imagine a more busted jutsu than looking at someone and changing their personality.

  3. I wanted to know more about him and Shisui so much!! I think they might be my fav Uchihas tbh…

  4. Based on the comments, I’m surprised barely any people know him, did y’all even watch Shippuden?

  5. You’re not alone. I wish we had more info about him aside from his 2 whole seconds of screentime and that he’s Shisui’s “ancestor”. Like I wish they at least said grandfather or father like wtf. Makes the man sound ancient.

  6. Shisui mentioned that his ancestor(Kagami) outclassed him in Genjutsu/Skill.

    He’s also the only Uchiha that Tobirama liked.

    Also he fought alongside Hiruzen and Danzo.

    Hiruzen briefly Mentions Kagami during Itachi’s Story light and darkness, when speaking to Shisui about the Uchiha Surveillance.

  7. You have to realize most Naruto “fans” are surface level fans, who are only in the community for the big fights and don’t actually pay attention to the story or worldbuilding, most of these people couldn’t tell you who Mifune or Hanzo were, let alone more obscure characters like Kagami, Hana, or Izumi

    Edit: Sure ignore what my point actually was and downvote me for being a real Naruto fan in the NARUTO subreddit.
    f*king Clowns.

    I shouldn’t be surprised with the low quality posts I see here every week. It’s all discourse that would have been low brow in this fandom for 2007 like “Is Sakura a bad character”

  8. What’s crazy is Tobirama chose the 3rd President of Ninja Town by who volunteered to buy time against the Kinkaku Force. Imagine if it had been Kagami?

    The first Uchiha Hokage would’ve succeeded Tobirama, infamous Uchiha hater.

  9. Hes who i thought tobi was gonna be. I’m pretty sure he was Shisuis father and I thought he was gonna want revenge for the travesty that befell his son.

    Edit: brain fart

  10. Really hope we get a light novel or something about him. Super interested in him and Madara’s relationship considering they would’ve both been pretty influential with pretty much polar opposite values.