My friends think I’m weird for saying Dosu is my favorite Naruto character

Can you really blame me? I have just started watching Naruto and yes I already know about mostly everything in the story like Itachi and Obito, but idk why watching Dosu and everything I just really like the character he was so cool to see fight and everything, I know he died to gara but I do wish I got to see that rematch between him and Sasuke ( also art is not mine from Google )

My friends think I'm weird for saying Dosu is my favorite Naruto character

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  1. When I first started watching this show I tought the sound ninja were so cool. Sadly they kinda fizzled out quickly.

  2. I thought he was gonna end up becoming one of the best main characters lmao 💀then Gaara obliterated him and he was never brought up again

  3. The guy was legit, he copied hand writing based on sound and even refused to be Orochi’s pawn. That’s some realest shit

  4. I mean he just looks kinda cool but thats it about him. He has like 2 good scenes and that’s it.

  5. Well, you are not only one. Tbh I think that sound village had so much potential, it’s sad that it ended so poorly. I love everything related with sounds and music and seeing more jutsus focused on sound would be amazing.

  6. Mummy man carried his team. I honestly wish he survived.

    Now that I think about it, since he was against Orochimaru, having him on team Taka would’ve been cool.

  7. At the time I thought his realization of orochimaru being a scum bag was going to involve him switching sides to the leaf village. he was a dope character and super intelligent. I really wish he would have become something more.

  8. You can like anyone you want in the show man! They’re all good characters in their own way

  9. [I mean, Dosu is unironically the character from this anime who left the greatest impact on me in the long run, so no there’s nothing wrong with it.](

    [Also, he’s a meme in China](

  10. I feel you. I posted an appreciation post of Kimimaro on his birthday because he is my favorite character and one dude basically said, why him out of any other character? So yeah. I get it.

  11. Cool creepy looking design lol but it’s DIFFERENT 💀😂 wouldn’t say it’s weird… he got bodied quick tho.

  12. Arguably the lamest death and biggest waste of character in Naruto.

    I liked him a lot too, the only servant of Orochimaru who actually understood how bad was his master

  13. I don’t even know who you are.

    Nah relatable though, my fav character in Witcher S1 was Renfri and my friends all thought it was weird too.

  14. I thought he was super cool when I was first watching it, just something strange about him. I was bummed we didn’t get more of him

  15. Dosu had a lot of potential and he had a cool ability. More than interesting when compared to the other sound ninjas. He’s one of my favorites in the series

  16. I always thought it would be interesting if Dosu and his team left Orichimaru and got a kinda redemption arc. So much for that.

  17. Great character design. He displayed a Jonin level degree of intelligence, so he certainly had potential.

    He could’ve been a serious threat to Konoha given more time to blossom as a fighter.

    Another one of my favorite underrated characters is Hidan.

  18. Dosu is an OG, its sad he died so early in the series. My game is actually focused on the original anime, and Dosu is one of the 18 playable characters (=


    For anyone curious, DM me and I’ll shoot you a link of some gameplay! Dosu has no hard CC, but he can stack slows and other debuffs on enemies.

  19. If you ever make your own content you should absolutely make someone like him to do honor. It’s fiction, so ultimately you can take it with you as long as you want and use it for anything. The idea doesn’t have to die, and it can be reused in many different ways.

  20. I wouldn’t say Dosu is my favorite but he’s definitely a character I remembered. I really liked his use of sound for fighting and when he was cheating during the exam. Such an interesting use of vibrations and mimicing.

  21. Nah, Dosu is pretty dope. Kinda got killed off unnecessarily imo. Would have liked to see more of him!