Response to Naruto’s modes

Response to Naruto’s modes

Response to Naruto's modes

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  1. All versions of KCM have a golden cloak or aura. KCM is only achieved when Naruto takes the true power of the Nine Tails (post FKS). KCM2 is the one with the more pronounced Minato-esque cloak, which gives him the ability to turn into his Kurama kaiju (also called Biju Mode or Kurama Mode). If it doesn’t have a gold cloak it’s not KCM.

    When Naruto only has a shift in the eyes and darker whiskers, he’s in KN0, the precursor to the Version 1 transformations and the one in the picture is the lowest form of KN0 because even KN0 at max can create an aura of red. This state usually means that Naruto is angry enough to accidentally leak miniscule amounts of Kurama’s chakra, changing his eyes but not his form or aura.

    Naruto’s golden cloaked SPSM is a fusion of the KCM2 and SPSM states.

  2. KCM always has a cloak.

    If he has slit pupils and fangs/claws, but no cloak, then he’s in KN0. Which specifies drawing on bijuu chakra and syncing with Kurama, but not drawing on enough chakra to make a cloak.

  3. Also, ik it is a bit unimportant

    But the correct name of Naruto’s form is SO6P Mode. Not SPSM (all official sources like chapter 52 of Boruto and Naruto Storm 4 call it that too)

  4. Pretty much. The 1st line is when he uses a portion of kurama’s chakra.

    The 2nd one is when he uses all of kurama’s chakra