It’s soon!!!

It’s soon!!!

It's soon!!!

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  1. naruto ultimate ninja storm “connections”, bandai namco recently filed trademark for that name in the west

  2. Heard a rumor it’s a new anime and it starts with Naruto waking up from the Infinite Tsukyomi. No shot that’s real, cool what if idea tho

  3. It’s crazy how much people hate Boruto lol. It’s not *that* bad. No, it isn’t as good as Naruto. But it does actually, genuinely do some things better.

  4. If it’s either a Part 1 Remake/Reanimation or a Guily Gear/FighterZ-style fighting game, I would be so hyped. Hopefully it’s not just Storm 5 cause’ I’m pretty eh on Naruto Arena Fighters.

  5. Has to be a naruto game especially after that trademark if they did remaster og naruto they would have to cancel boruto but it has a big upcoming arc right now so I doubt it I do see og naruto happening like in 2 to 3 years depending on how well the boruto arc those

  6. I thought this was fake! Is it actually a thing because that would be awesome!👌🏿

  7. Maybe like Naruto Kai…updated animation and without the fillers..straight from the source

  8. I hope they are goig to do a remastered version of Naruto and some iconic scenes from shippuden. Imagine Pain’s almighty push or Naruto unlocking Kurama mode reanimated