She suffered so much

She suffered so much

She suffered so much

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  1. But she was referring to what Naruto must have felt like when she ignores and belittle him as Sasuke does to Sakura in this scene

  2. What I find funny is how she can compare Sasuke calling her annoying to Naruto being hated by the entire village for having Kurama

  3. Nah but she meant this is how Naruto must’ve felt when she rejected him and called him annoying

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of Sakura either, but this is just straight up lying about the dialogue, or at least a bad fansub. What this scene actually was was when Sasuke called her annoying for being inconsiderate about Naruto’s lack of parents, she was reflecting on how that affected Naruto.

    In the Manga, I believe the exact line is “He thinks I’m annoying? Maybe Naruto feels that way too… I guess I could be a little nicer?”

  5. After realising Naruto’s issues…

    Sakura: Naruto is still somewhat annoying, yeah that’s why I can hit him whenever I feel like and of course I can love Sasuke all the way till the end



  6. Poor girl, no wonder she turned into such a bitch. And if this wasn’t bad enough she also lost her long hair later on😔

  7. Not only that, she had to cut off her long hair.Truly a victim of the cycle of hatred.

  8. Made me chuckle. Jokes aside, I think she meant this is how Naruto must’ve felt all those times I rejected him. Still funny though and seeing genin Sakura get put in her place fills me with joy.

  9. This meme is stupid and I think hating on Sakura makes the people on this subreddit lose braincells.

    Anyways, Sakura wasn’t comparing getting called annoying to being hated by entire village.

    Sakura most likely didn’t know much about the issues Naruto faced in the village. She’s 12. Most children don’t really are concerned with what goes on with other people’s lives and live in their own bubble.

    To Sakura, Naruto was disliked by the people for being an annoying kid. And this isn’t fanfiction where mobs of people chase after him, beat him senseless, toss him into a fire, etc. In canon, they shunned and ignored him.

    Sakura treated Naruto badly because she felt he was annoying, and then after she gets called out for her shit by Sasuke, which makes her reflects on her actions realizing she was hypocrite.

    She realized that she who was she to call Naruto annoying when she herself was annoying due to her criticizing Naruto for his lack of parents.

    She could empathize with Naruto for being insulted, hence the “I see. This is why Naruto must’ve felt.”

    You don’t need to go through hell and back to feel bad after you’ve been insulted or criticized, or rejected.

  10. Lmao some guy couldn’t handle The fact that P1 Sakura just isn’t a good character and went ahead and blocked me . Imagine being so full of yourself that you think only your opinion is correct.

  11. I’m not going to lie I got ticked off when she compared getting called annoying to having the whole village hate you and having no family.

  12. Dang, no wonder why she loved Sasuke so much and hated Naruto, I’m on her side 😡😡

  13. its like that one time my sister compared her getting hit in the head with the time i got brain surgery