The Anime is carrying the Naruto/Boruto franchise so hard it’s not even funny

The Anime is carrying the Naruto/Boruto franchise so hard it’s not even funny

The Anime is carrying the Naruto/Boruto franchise so hard it's not even funny

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  1. Boruto manga is good and it’s the same for almost every franchise, when the manga gets an anime adaptation, sales also are increased. (Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer)

  2. You do realize that in order to have much stronger evidence, you need to do something like put anime ratings and manga volume sales side-by-side right? There’s very little context to making such a claim when you’re only showing the manga sales figures and not any figures relating to the anime.

  3. why does this sub love to fight within itself?

    a whole post dedicated to “YEAH! SUCK IT MANGA READERS! ANIME UP BY 8!!” when everyone here just enjoys Boruto lmao..

  4. I mean, you can read the three latest chapters for free on, so there’s really no need to buy it, which will bring down sales. This isn’t really indicative of anything.

  5. And yet, when the anime returns to fillerland, seemingly no one gives a sheet about it…

    Thus making the manga, the focal point of the franchise, in the eyes of many.

    In fact, let’s not forget that what truly made hype for the anime, was the fact that in the wake of the Mujina bandit arc, in early 2020, it began slowly covering the manga events again, at long last.

  6. Well i mean Boruto volume 16 has already crossed the 200k mark in sales so the sales are increasing i guess.

    But who apart from hardcore fans would buy a manga that features basic lineart with 0 shading?

  7. After it becomes part of v jump sales started decreasing

    For v jump its good

    And its not complete numbers, vol 13 and 10 already crossed 200k vol its not mentioned here
    Others vol more than 170k

  8. I mean yes the art isn’t the best but it’s still very good and seeing criticism ( I’m talking about unconstructive criticism ) that completely shits on the art styles are kinda weird as in yes there are some panels that don’t have the best but there are still a bunch that have great art

  9. Basically I think problem is we’re supposed to see the kids of the two most hated pairings, grow up despite the pairings being historyless. For someone who’ve watched the series beginning to end. How are we supposed to get behind Naruto and Sasuke’s relationships when they are barebones or just feels like a toxic and awkward and very forced and out of character relationship, especially for how Sasuke is being treated and treating his family. (Left for 12 years, never sending a message of any kinda to his family or just about ending his blood line again.)

    And then Naruto’s whole relationship feels just empty, like there is nothing for them to call back to between Naruto and Hinata, sure fans can call back to. But the main appeal to watch the series of a child of a character you grew up with is to see how do in their marriage and seeing all the result of the work and tears, and what founded the relationship. But it feels very empty and not really fufilling.

    But the critque doesn’t end in home life. We have villians that we do not know nor really care about. I really think Naruto should of ended at the scene where we finally see him as Hokage leaving his relationship open to fans to make fan art and fan stories.

  10. [recent sales of volumes ](

  11. Makes sense, the anime is able to expand and flesh out things the manga doesn’t have time for as well as improving alot of scenes and moments

  12. The anime is quantity Over quality. Fans seem to want Boruto episodes every week just for something to watch and willing to settle for less just to get more episodes. Other manga does a lot better because fans patiently wait for decent episodes to come out instead of writers rushing everything that can cause quality to suffer. People should time their time and wait for the good stuff to come out. Fortunately Boruto is a spinoff of Naruto which has a tenured reputation. Kishimoto thought his Naruto clout was good enough to keep Samurai 8 going no matter how bad it did but didn’t keep it from getting cancelled. Boruto could’ve faced the same fate if not for Naruto,

  13. The manga is great as well it just doesn’t get the attention and promo due to it not being on weekly shonen jump

  14. The manga selling around 150k isn’t even that bad. Boruto’s is a monthly manga but most of the fanbase watch’s the anime

  15. This result is very reasonable and it is a evidence that although having old generations this new story is not as attractive and interesting as Naruto is