This is my power levels tier list, hopefully nobody gets toxic over it.

This is my power levels tier list, hopefully nobody gets toxic over it.

This is my power levels tier list, hopefully nobody gets toxic over it.

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  1. Definitely think the Sage of Six Paths deserves to be mid top tier. Toneri got busted by Naruto with portions of all the tailed beasts and Kurama. SO6P had all of the tailed beasts, at least before he split the ten tails chakra. But I think there’s enough to suggest Hagoromo isn’t much weaker than Kaguya by the time he reached his true prime. That’s just my opinion.

  2. It took Sasuke + Naruto+A whole army to beat Juubito
    Hagoromo should never be in the same category as any of the Naruto’s or Sasuke’s.
    Kakashi doesn’t beat Minato KCM +Sage mode
    And Guy Kills anyone that’s not an Otsutsuki before he dies

  3. I think Madara should be moved up, at least one or two tiers (can’t tell if his Six Paths mode is on there) because he’s at least as strong as Obito, if not stronger.

  4. LOL in no universe is Momoshiki or Kinshiki stronger than Kaguya or Hagaromo. The upper tiers are a mess.

  5. War arc Sasuke is definitely stronger than current Sasuke. He doesn’t have brain damage and remembers the Rinnegan exists, chakra pool of all the tailed beasts, EMS and a kill instinct.

  6. Good list, seems fairly accurate. Rant: I understand that Isshiki, Momo, and Kin are supposedly “Threats greater than Kaguya” but I just don’t see it. Their abilities just visually pale in comparison to the ridiculous things Kaguya has done. Boruto basically ruined the last bit of structure Naruto’s powerscaling had left.

  7. Hagaromo and Kaguya should easily each be moved up at least 1 tier. Both are easily above adult Naruto/Sasuke.

  8. Both Naruto and Sasuke got half of the sage of six paths’ powers and i don’t think they can be above him, if baryon mode isn’t considered

  9. Hogaramo defeated kaguya with hamuro before he became the ten tails jinchuricki, I think he would be stronger than her as the ten tails jinchuricki.

    Other than that I would mostly disagree with the rest too but that is just more of an opinion than kaguya-hogaramo one.

  10. This is.. very disappointing lol this subreddit has no idea about the scaling of these characters

  11. I don’t get how Hagoromo is so low. Dude from the dead gave some chakra to Naruto and Sasuke in which defeated Kaguya. Then he becomes the 10 tails jinjuriki which the 10 tails is Kaguya. I feel at very least he should be above his mother

  12. I agree mostly but code definitely is too high up imo, I’d put him around the same level as Sakura maybe a tier or 2 higher

  13. Put kaguya in top tier put code in low top tier
    Change momoshikis guy and toneri witg naruto sasuke and hogoromo
    Change tobirama with nagato

  14. I definitely think end of ninja war six paths Naruto and Sasuke are the strongest characters to date

  15. I believe this list is correct. However.
    Debatably hagoromo=kaguya or lower
    If so hagoromo=1.5 naruto or sasukes due to so6p chakra.

    Move kaguya up a tier. Move hagoromo up a tier.

    And maybe move dms kakashi up a tier? That’s all I’d change.