Who else thinks that puppets shoud be more included in naruto?

Who else thinks that puppets shoud be more included in naruto?

Who else thinks that puppets shoud be more included in naruto?

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  1. Been a while since I watched, but didn’t Kankuro basically take Sasori’s corpse and added it to his own arsenal of puppets?

  2. fax. altho in the story’s defense, it IS a very specialized technique.

    + we sort of have it from the Naruto The Last movie, via Toneri too

  3. It got to have its own arc, at least. The Sakura/Chiyo vs. Sasori fight was one of the coolest fights in the series. I also recall a game where “puppet walkers” were prominently featured. Unfortunately I think we’ll just have to be satisfied with that.

  4. I personally like the puppets in Naruto and think they have a lot of usability, but after a certain point Naruto became so strong, along with some other characters, that puppets lost a lot of their reliability. When Naruto was throwing around rasenshurikens like they’re going out of style it becomes hard to have puppets in the show because of the power scaling.

  5. I liked all of the appearances they had. I don’t think that we needed more of them story wise, but it would have been good if there were just more of them in general, even as background characters.

  6. Nah they got plenty of limelight. Sasori was a great way to showcase the puppet style without making Konkuro OP.

  7. Not really it was nothing interesting about it one arc was enough cause the villain was pretty mysterious and interesting backstory but if they did another arc it would be boring

  8. I definitely want puppets to get more attention, but it is a practice from another entire nation.

  9. Its sad when Sasori got reanimated he was also the first one to die again. I would love to see more of his puppet techniques.

  10. We should see Hidden Sand minor characters more in general, including minor sand ninja who use puppets. And, among them, we should witness a puppet user who isn’t very good at it.

  11. Pretty sure there has been a lot of inclusion of puppets (ie. Kankuro’s entire character arc, that part where Boruto has to fight a puppet dude). I think they’re rad as hell but they’re overshadowed by the giant Uchiha mechas unfortunately

  12. In the first movie of Boruto, Shinki used puppets against Metal Lee and I thought that was so sick. He would manipulate sand which would further manipulate puppets. Too bad they show didn’t progress on this. Puppets were sick.

  13. Because most of them suck. not to mention most ninja only train with puppets and not much else. Also they fucking break so easy