I miss them so much

I miss them so much

I miss them so much

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  1. Where’s Kisame? ???? He did nothing as good as others here, yet I have nothing on him to hate him

  2. Obito: nah. Did too much straight up evil shit, like killing Minato/Kushina and Konan. Kid Obito was the shit tho.

    Nagato: questionable, but I’ll allow it. He did kill Jiraiya but at least had a solid motive for his actions, as misguided as they may be.

    Itachi: eh. I really think they could’ve written his relationship with Sasuke better. Torturing the poor kid so he gets stronger was dumb af considering this dude was supposed to be a genius.

    Konan, Haku & Zabuza: abso-fucking-lutely

    Should be on the list: Kisame. Dude lived by a code and went out like a G. One of the best written villains and didn’t do anything to make you dislike him.

    I think people are confusing “likeable villains” with “good villains”. A likeable villain is relatable, you sympathize with their cause, and they’re often more of an anti-hero. A good villain is one that is evil af, believably justifies their actions (even if they’re extreme), is steadfast in their ideology, and is generally unlikeable (or likeable because they embody these qualities in an endearing way).

    Orochimaru, Madara, and Danzo are examples of good villains that aren’t necessarily likeable. They serve a necessary role in the development of the heroes and progress the story, but are largely irredeemable because of the measures they took to achieve their goals. A good series needs both types of villains.

  3. What about kimimaru? Man showed up all bad ass nearly wrecked lee survived grass sand burial then died from disease before he could kill him.

  4. Wonder how Nagato feels after Obito stuck a black rod in Konan from the back and then sees Obito in this meeting…

  5. Obito is the whole reason the series was the way it was. He tried to redeem himself but still about pulled the curtain on the shinobi world. In all honesty, orochimaru would be a better option

  6. What about kakazu. Dude was forced to kill hashirama to stay in village so that’s impossible. So now he lives on trying to get that bread!

  7. Unhated? Itachi!? LOL there’s disproportionately *higher* hate than their is love for him.

    And add my boy Kisame to this list lol. I also don’t think Kimmimaro is hated at all

  8. I hate Itachi

    Edit : Unlike the weak and frail minded people, I do not delete my comments even after hundreds of down votes. I enjoy it, i feed on it.

  9. Fuck obito and his simp ass, trying to act like he lost everything when he still had people who cared about him.