Props to Kubo and Kishimoto for not stereotyping their characters

Props to Kubo and Kishimoto for not stereotyping their characters

Props to Kubo and Kishimoto for not stereotyping their characters

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  1. One of my favorite bleach characters was Chad. Him being half Mexican and Half Japanese was pretty cool.

  2. Darui is legitimately cool design. His move, that black lighting? That’s was one of my favorite Jutsu in the entire series.

  3. Honestly, I’m not sure how accurate this is for Naruto. There definitely are non-stereotypical black characters in Naruto but some like Killer B are. That’s not even getting into how stereotypically the women are written.

  4. Yeah I always liked Bleach before any of the other big 3 & it was really because of how cool the characters looked(esp the female ones) & how cool the fights & powers & stuff was. When I read Kubo was an tattoo artist it really made a lot of sense to me why I always liked the art work because that stuff was always cool to me.

  5. Killer Bee is definitely a stereo type its just tat he owns it so well that nobody seems to care.

  6. Killer bee rapping and over coming childhood adversity with a dead mother and father that (his father at least) died from a tragedy.

  7. He did tho bee literally raps non stop and Ay is large and angry a lot he also defined their lips and noses larger which is a stereotype. Especially on the lips part because I just looked at a few pictures of Naruto and I haven’t been able to see his lips but almost every picture of ay and bee I can see their lips even when their mouth is closed. I’ve noticed as soon as i saw more of bee and ay (because I’m black and know the stereotypes)

  8. only Bee can be considered a stereotyping and because of the rapping, Ay was just an angry man, what that has to do with being black ? Ao was an angry man too, that was his personality

    Or bee not having parents ? naruto was blonde with blue eyes and dint have parents either

  9. I mean Bee does rap…. but I will let it slide since I doubt Kishi had actually been around many black people when he made these characters and he probably only saw black people on music videos or whatever

  10. Bee ehh no. Ay ok so many anime characters have that one trait that can make or break a character. It’s kool just to have some characters since so many ppl assume characters are white.

  11. Okay, it’s just me or people don’t know about Wu Tang Clan? Killa Beez? Killer Bee always rap because he is LITERALLY based on rappers…

  12. Lmao bro bee is literally a rapper. But yeah raikage gets a pass I guess. Nothing wrong with stereotypes tho.

  13. Kubo has an issue with creating a heap of interesting characters, never developing them and then adding another heap next arc, rinse and repeat. That and the manga jumped the shark after the Rukia rescue.

  14. Killer Bee is literally based on a rap group and the comments are saying that makes him a stereotype smh my head

  15. I kinda feel like Killer Bee was kinda philanderized as Shippuden dragged on. I know part of it was just the anime filler writers not being able to meaningfully alter the status quo but for Killer Bee its like his entire character was reduced to “yo yo yo I am a rapper” at its worst. Still his introduction to the series, how he’s an expert at using ***Eight*** swords at once, how he will clown on opponents by stopping midfight to take notes for his music, and that fight with team Taka was one of the best and most badass character introductions in early Shippuden.

    I do not really see Ay as the Angry Black Man stereotype. Sure he is often angry, and he is a black man, but he is the leader of a hidden village, one that is perpetually and habitually paranoid with nothing but enemies. He is a strong, thinking, leader and a skilled, experienced warrior in his own right.

    Dauri is pretty cool too I guess I don’t remember much about him tho, seemed like the strong silent type.

  16. Black stereotypes are really hard to avoid in media, because if you want a character that raps, making them any other race would be appropriation and making them black would be racism. Ik the obvious answer is, “don’t make a character that raps,” but I’d argue that silly gimmicks like being a rapper are necessary in order to make a cast of characters this large stand out. Because if bee didn’t have any stereotyping gimmicks then he’d just be another Rock Lee but older and blacker.

    Personally I like Omoi because he’s unique, strong, the same color as me, and interesting. Which is hard to come by in media.

  17. As far as I know I’m pretty sure Yoruichi isn’t actually black even though her skin color is darkened!

  18. Killer B and Ay have a few stereotypes though. Appreciating rap is common enough that I’ll allow it but actually rapping all the time like a professional is suspect. Being black doesn’t mean he is a rapper automatically. Ay is also loud and aggressive as Black people can be stereotypically portrayed. Kubo does much better in not stereotyping

  19. Stereotyping in what sense? You could have just said you’re glad they included black characters you find visually appealing, rather than throw words around you don’t understand

  20. I’m amazed Kishi never got shit for the black guys in Naruto are all pedos. Seriously we are made to think it was A’s father who was kidnapping little girls but then Onoki calls A out on it only to get ignored.